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Tbol Only Cycle


23 years old, lifting for 5 years, 190lbs 6ft, my diet is on point, i started at 130lbs and got all the way up to 205 then back down to 190 and did that multiple times. I'm interested in doing a tbol only cycle and pct nolvadex. Only concern I have is that I have no idea if I am prone to male pattern baldness, I have a shit load of hair right now and I definitly do not want to become bald from taking this stuff. If I do lose hair while on tbol does it grow back after use or is it permanantly gone?


That cycle will be mostly ineffective when all is said and done.

That being said, if your only concern is hair loss then you should know that while Turinabol isn't known to directly exacerbate male pattern baldness, almost any androgenic-anabolic will accelerate hair loss if you are genetically predisposed to it.

If you don't have a pronounced widows peak, or a family history of hair loss, you should be fine, especially assuming a dose of <60mg a day.

Good luck,


I read a lot of great reviews of TBOL only cycles. hmmm ill look more into it. Thanks for the reply!