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Tbol Only Cycle 6 Weeks


Hi all new to this site
this is not my first time trying anabolics
Last march I done my first cycle of test e 250
I done 500mg a week I was running for 10 weeks
I was getting great energy and gains at week 3 but at week 4 I got terrible headache and had 2 come off after 6 weeks
I suffer wit cluster headache and I believe the test brought it on

I have been out of training over 4 months due 2 broken arm
I am only back now and I want a boost in strength and some size also would b great
from my research I found out tbol cant turn into estragon and has no bloat which sounds awesome
i am collecting 200 tabs at 10 mg a tab
im gonna run 40 mg the first week then 50mg the last 5 weeks
i have nolva from last cycle clomid and adex also
not that i will need during since tbol does not convert into estragon

my question is do you think for a second cycle that i could get some nice gains from 40 week 1 and 50 week 2 till 6
i have read some great things on tbol only cyles and i no a lot of ppl that done well also
i cant bring in an injectable im going on hols in 7 weeks and last time i got serious headache that lasted months
any info from any that has ran a similar course would be great thanks

77.5 kilo I was 83 before would like to get back to that weight
around 13% bf I would like 2 get 2 10 or lower bf at over 80 kilo
this is wat I want from the cycle
27 years old


You haven't trained in 4 months and want to jump right into anabolics? Get back in shape first would be my opinion.


Thanks for reply
just heard tbol is nice and dry gains with a good strength gains just to get me back started
dropped a lot of strength and its hard 2 get motivated feeling yourself weaker
I am not in bad shape just feel weak and would like a boost to get me back up to were I was and looking a bit better of course


thanks for ur reply mate
I am not in bad shape just weak as a kitten would like a boost, get back to were I was and of course some size and weight would be nice also
just want 2 get back 2 were I was for now then later in the year maybe try a tbol and test cycle
I have heard great things about tbol
especially first time using that you can get great gains and hold onto them
its just the motivation I need after losing strength from being out wit injury


Why would testosterone bring on a headache as opposed to an oral like tbol