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Tbol Identification?

Very small peach color. Suppose to be tbol…no imprint on it. Can someone help me identify?

Help anybody?

I mean, that could be anything. Pressed tabs with no imprint are pretty standard among UGLs and I don’t know how you’d identify that just by sight. Unless you got it from a reputable source you’ll have to be in the dark. Sorry man.

That’s my two different brands of Tbol. The brand that is a circle use to make the tablet as a square with clipped corners.
Like Iron said you really can’t identify UGL stuff unless you can state brand and simply compare to someone else who has previously used same brand.

One thing I do like about tbol is even though it is a more expensive raw there really isn’t anything they can substitute. It would be to obvious if they substituted dbol for it. The only other dry gainer is primo and they wouldn’t substitute a more expensive raw to fake tbol.
At around 40mgs a day I noticed that some muscle groups feel like they are contracting almost involuntarily. Like if I have my phone to my ear for a ten minute conversation then put the phone down it’s like a random part of my chest or shoulder doesn’t want to relax when I stop using it. I also notice it in my calves, it’s almost like I spend the cycle up on my toes when I walk.

It’s a pretty good source just can’t contact him at the moment and was trying to figure out mg so I know how many to take daily and when I should be taking them…i appreciate your guys taking time to answer. Thank you very much

Until you know what it is and what dosage you shouldn’t take it. Just a thought.

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