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Hello all,

I finished a cycle of Test-e @ 500 mg/week for 12 weeks..and then ran clomid for pct

i finished my pct about 2 days ago, but i want to start taking oral tbol, should i wait a little longer? or can i start it now?!
Any help would be appreciated..

Thank you


ur kidding me right?


It takes a bit longer than that if you are planning on recovering fully between cycles.

If you plan on jumping right back on, you may want to consider never fully going off.


Thanks guys! im gonna wait a few months before i start it…appreciate the help!


one more thing, how long should i wait before i start taking oral tbol?


Isn’t zbol better?


[quote]Batman00 wrote:
Isn’t zbol better? [/quote]

No man, bbal is the ebst!