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TBol Halflife - Workout Times?


Taking 40mg of tbol in 4 doses with meals.The halflife is 16 hrs would it even matter if was am or pm workouts???Obviously levels would be higher in the evening.Everybody says to take em with a meal also.Used to be into pain meds and they allways worked better on an empty stomache.Any have any comments or experience it would be appreciated.Thanks..


Grapefruit juice will raise the effectiveness of most orals, wash them down with a glass.

Take your largest dosage 30mins preworkout.

Same tricks as any oral.


I have been taken a meal 4 times daily. Will try that tho just to see.I seem to get awsome results with this mild oral.Havent done anything else yet.all the pct and during cycle stuff is beyond my means rite now.For my needs I will keep messing around with this mild oral for awhile.Thanks....





The people I know personally which are few that use any gear have allways said to take the oralls with a meal.I remember the best way to get pain meds into my system was on an empty stomache with a cup of tea n some ibuprofen.Just cyrious about anything anybody has to say.Only 3 days in and seeing results.Logging my workout weights n such so I will be able to see the difference on paper.Im doin weights supersetn with plyo as much as possible.Not a pure bodybuilding or power routine.


so you were serious about not doing a pct? Ignorance is bliss


No just dont have the means to get into all that.I am very interested in tren but worried about the during and after counter measures.Tren is fairly easy 2 get but from what I can tell with all the research ive done it hits yer system hard.Ive been asking what people do after t-bol and nobodys really got anything to say.Last time I did 3 weeks of t-bol 40mg a day and seemed to have a crash when they were gone.Not hard,but its expected when all of sudden somthins not there.Be a little easier if ya just go to the store and get what ever ya want eh??


Are you kidding?

If you cant afford a SERM you dont use steroids. Its pretty simple.

At your age what you are doing is not wise. Likely doing damage to your HPTA. And if you cant afford a SERM im not sure you can afford to go on HRT. Im not saying that as an insult, at all. Its reality.

What do you mean no ones got anything to say? When you use steroids you come off them by using a SERM. It is standard procedure. There is a stickied thread discussing this in depth.


By my needs I mean that im not gona compete ina show or be in power meet so why would I wana risk my health by goin off haphazardly and fukn my self up??The results I get from t-bol are shocking to me.Been workin out and practicing a few arts my whole life.Also been on all the legal supplements I could find and my first short cycle of 4 weeks of t-bol was shocking.The more info I can get the better.My means are also not there.Unemployed Ironworker!Got time but very few resources,so cheap n simple will have to do for now.


I read the stickys.


I know you seen the post about tbol n pct.


I know you seen the post about T-bol n pct.Not much response.Wanted to hear from people thatve done tbol only cycles.


I just said that the procedure is the same, regardless of which damn steroid you use.

SERM based PCT.

Im done here, your posts barely make sense.


This is exactly what I want to know.

Why would you use steroids, that will shut down your natural testosterone production, but not use the proper drug to come off and restart your testosterone production?

You've gone off haphazardly once prior, and you felt the effects of going cold turkey. Why on earth are you doing it again??


You get excited easily.your rite tho.


I have seven weeks to get somthin to get through that coming off part.Your rite.Will look into gettin somthin.Thanks...


Excited? Determining tone through an internet forum is an impressive skill. Way off, but ok.


You were rite about the pct.Cant find much stuff as far as pct and t-bol only cycles.really been searching since I just put my foot in my mouth.Found some pissing matchs tho.Would adex every other day for 2 weeks be too much??


This T-bol is doin whats it supposed to do.Working weights are going up fast.Put 35lbs more on working weight with squats and raised the intensity level alot with jump squats as soon as the weight is racked.Libidpo is thru the roof also.My last short cycle of t-bol libido went down.I dont think it was the same compound.

How could the same compound have diifferent effects??Also had serious sleep problems with the last stuff.Was nodding alot while driving to and from work.That was dangerous and scary.No such symtoms with this yet.


Adex is not a SERM and is not suitable for PCT. Do yourself a favor and do enough research to really understand what you are doing to your body.