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TBol For Coming Off Cycle


Hey everyone. Just finished up a 10 week TestE 500mg a week cycle (last pin was Tuesday) and I was wondering if I could use some left over TBol (about 90 10mg tabs) just to use them up.

I dont plan on doing another tbol cycle or buying more so what would be the best way of using these? PCT starts in 2 weeks. I wasthinking of a low dose starting now then ramping up to about 50mg a day for the last week, then starting PCT when I run out.

I was also thinking about a quick low dose cycle for cutting later on (maybe 3 weeks or so) as I heard even low doses of AAS help to stave off catabolism during dieting.

Thanks in advance.


Also, a 40/40/20/20 Nolva PCT would be accurate if I decided to use the OT?


This would work. Many people switch to orals or short-estered AAS right before beginning PCT to keep the gains/etc. up while waiting for the long-estered gear to clear the system.

If you do a short cycle like this (three to four weeks) it would need to be based on short-estered gear like propionate or shorter. You are correct that low-doses of AAS help to maintain an anabolic state during dieting. The body becomes more sensitive to androgens while in a catabolic state such as dieting, so you likely wouldn't need as high of doses as you would for bulking.


Yeah, that works. Just follow the same PCT as you normally would.