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Tbol for 6 Weeks?


This is not for me its for a buddy

He wants to run tbol 6 weeks at 50mg ed

Then for pct do nolva at 40/20/20/20

His question was when should he take the tbol should he split it between the day or one shot?


Tbol is a good drug, in my limited experience. I think the half life is according to steroid.com as 16 hours. So once a day is prob fine, though bid wouldn't hurt!


Did he look up the half life of tbol?


I have no idea He just got back from iraq and doesnt have a computer at his parents where he is. So said I'd help him and get some info.


Why? What is his goal? What does he have access to?


Said his goal is to gain like 12-15lbs.


With 6 weeks of Turinabol? Tell him to stack it with a decent amount of Test Prop and he just might get there. Hopefully someone will chime in if I'm wrong, but that seems a little unrealistic for 6 weeks of OT. Not that I have any doubt that OT is a nice compound, but that's a lot of weight to pack on in a short time.


The goal will not likely be achieved with 50mg per day for 6 weeks. And I am confused whether your friend is using Oral Turinabal or something injectable since you said "shot".

I second the idea of supplementing Test Prop to get that kind of weight increase, and realize that it may be half or more in water/glyco. So keeping all of that weight could prove tough. If he's using an injectable anyway he could combine the two since he's going to be injecting daily anyway. Again, this is different than gaining 12lbs of lean muscle. That will take more time, diet, rest, and possibly other compounds

Caloric intake will be very important too, if he wants to sh!t like an elephant he will need to eat like one.

Good Luck, hope this helps!


Yeah shot as in take the 10mg pills all at once, or split them through the day.


Yeah shot as in take the 10mg pills all at once or split them through the day


He's better off saving his stash until he can get a hold of some Test Prop (enough to run 75-100mg/day for the duration of the cycle), an AI, and some syringes if he wants to get near his goals. Usually, uneducated noobs are the only ones who run oral-only cycles.

If he is absolutely set on running solo OT, then I'd suggest maybe extending the cycle a couple weeks and/or upping the dose. A lot of people increase the dose until they experience uncomfortable sides (back pumps, headaches, achy joints, etc) and then drop back down a little.

I think the half-life of Turinabol is on the longer side as far as orals are concerned, but spreading out dosages couldn't hurt. I'd also be sure to pop a good amount of the daily dose right before hitting the gym.


LOL. Supplement t-bol with prop. Actually, it should be the other way around. Regardless, test prop would be more useful toward his goal.


well yeah does sound funny that way... but 6 one & half a dozen the other