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Tbol Cycle w/ HCG or Test?

Hello fellow members. im new to this forum and im looking forward to run a tbol cycle. 40 mg ed 4 weeks Now i have 2 major questions. Please dont tell me that i wont make gains on tbol only ive had friends up 8 kgs on this stuff alone lean and mean.

QUESTION 1:I am wondering will a test base just only make me more supressed after my cycle with tbol only ? Testosterone sure will make you feel good when running a cycle with tbol as tbol supresses your system and prob will make you feel like shit if u dont run it with test.

BUT when you come off tbol ONLY it will not take too long to recover i once read an article that after 10 days after ending tbol only the test levels came back ABOVE what they were before cycle then after 5 days it went back to normal. (Dont have the article norwegian forum)

Do you guys think it will be smart running hcg 150 mg EOD with the tbol to dont be low on test while on it ? Low test is shit and prob will be bad for my motivation while on.

STATS : age 24 5’’11 190 lbs. Hoping for some help sorry for the bad english and messy post :man_shrugging:t3:

My advice: run the Test for 10-12 weeks at 500 mg/week, don’t worry about the hcg, get Nolva for PCT, dump the tbol.

Sorry mate thats an quite supressive run look at the androgenic ratio at test compared to tbol and you see why dont want to get on testosterone forever. But thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Tbol will supress you; if you’re going to suppress your natural test you might as well run a proper cycle. If you don’t want to suppress your natural test then don’t do AAS.

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You are expecting to run 40mg tbol for 4 weeks and get great gains that you will keep?

If your looking for validation on this i doubt your gonna find it here bro.

Suppression is supression.

4 weeks tbol only (doubt you will kerp gains if you even get any) - is not much different than running a test base 12 weeks with tbol and actually keeping gains.

Its called pct for a reason

Ok so lets say it like this i am a MASSIVE responder to even the smallest amount of winny that was w/out test and my testosterone levels were back 3 weeks after stopping i had some gains abt 3-4 lbs on it 3 of my friends ran tbol W/out test and are fine only issues with liver and headaches (on cycle)

their test levels are also back so supression is nothing close to shutdown tbol supresses 60-70% of natural production while test shuts it off completely. I am thinking hcg so i still can produce some naturally while on tbol whats your take on the hcg fellas ? :slight_smile:

My take is it has a laundry list of side effects, its difficult to dial in a dose, its aromatizes in your nuts so an AI will do no good.

Iv had a few friends incorporate hcg in cycles/end of cycle/ and PCT. The one things they all said was they wouldn’t do it again.

This is possible with pct coming off a test cycle.

Your suggesting shutting down 70% rather than 100% (i dont even know if thats true my understanding was they will both shut you down 100%) but whatever will go with ehat you said so supress 70% for a small gainz cycle trying ti incorporate hcg and control that for little gains

When you could just run a normal test base cycle make much better keepable gains and still be back to nornal in a few weeks of pct?

Im sorry but i dont see the logic. Altho this is just my opinion

That’s not how it works. You’re out of your depth here and obviously getting some seriously flawed broscience advice.


If you’re not ready for needles then you’re not ready for steroids. Period. Crashing your testosterone levels is generally not healthy. But your argument is that you’ll somehow make—and keep—significant gains while in a suppressed testosterone state while having a low enough incidence of side effects to warrant the risks. That’s not a great bet to take. If your pct is as long as your cycle then you’re doing something wrong.


I respect your opinion but no tbol does not supress you completely BUT that is with the dosage east germans got during the 60’s (20) mg i will be doing 30-40 mgs so its prob going to cut most off it off when in a shutdowm state your body does not even know how to start producing again

thats what pct is for but with a nolva only pct its hard to say if im ever going back to normal after pct. So any ways i still can have some test in my system not adding but some drugs that will keep me producing while on ? As said before im new to this not a pro when it comes to steroids… thanks for the understanding

Yeah, that’s why we use different words for different conditions. Suppression means one thing, shutdown means another. You will absolutely be suppressed by tbol. Full stop. Now ask yourself if you’re better off with suppressed testosterone levels or if instead you make more gains overall with healthy levels of test?

Truer words have never been spoken

Well okay man so lets say test prop for 6 weeks then tbol for 4 followed down by a good pct plan so whats your plan for a pct that will get me back to normal ? thanks again btw. I prob will need some adex on cycle and some good liver protection aswell any takes ?

These short cycles are not worth your time. That’s the real issue. You cannot put on real, useful, keepable size in such a short amount of time. That’s why guys run cycles for 10+ weeks multiple times per year. Test prop for six weeks has its place, but it’s usually for very specific circumstances and for guys who have dialed in training and diet to an exact degree. If you’re just a dude who’s looking to get bigger then your needs are different than the guy who’s competing and needs that extra pound of muscle at just the right moment.

Pct is the same irrespective of which cycle you’d choose here. But if you’re not going to do that (and it sounds like you don’t want to if you’re going to use the tbol) then there’s no reason to bother with six weeks of prop. It’s just not worth the risk/reward. Just start looking at it like it’s a series of trade offs and then decide what you’re willing to trade in order for each respective payout.

As someone who once did an Anavar only cycle, not only were my gains minimal, but I crashed my test, lost my gains, and lacked motivation for a good while. Just do it the right way. 10 weeks of Test E 400-500mg Tbol for 6 weeks at 40-50mg and at least 4 weeks of PCT (preferably 6 to be safe) of Nolva OR Clomid, not both.

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Uhm why jump to «seems like you are not willing to do pct» of course there will be a pct, just wondering what a good pct plan is nolva 40/40/20/20 ?

I misread your original plan, apologies. But I have no other advice beyond what I’ve said. Best of luck to you.