Tbol at Beginning or End?

I’m going to run a 12 week test cycle 650 mg a week with 40mg a day Tbol for 6 weeks. I was wondering if anyone here had a preference o. The best time to run the Tnol. I’ve read it can help keep gains so I was thinking the end would be best. Anyone have qn opinion?

Whats your reasoning for using tbol?

As far as keeping gains - only a cruise will help keeping gains. Nothing else. Ever.

Start and finish? 4 weeks each? I think I’ve seen that done around here before


That’s what I’m doing. Did 5 weeks initially, finish with 4 weeks. My cycle is longer though. Probably wise for op to use tudca or nac with the tbol.

I knew I had seen someone doing that

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Ya I’ve got both of those on hand already, just waiting for the gear from dragon pharma to drop. I was originally going to run EQ but it sounded like it could be a pain in the ass as far as e2 and rbc levels. This is my first stack, tbol sounded fairly easy to run as far as sides etc especially compared to dbol. I’m not opposed to 4 and 4, I could extend my cycle to 14 weeks? Week 1-4 then again 10-14?

Originally I didn’t know if beginning or end held a certain benefit. I’ve searched and there’s q few topics on it but then it gets muddled out eith random conversations being started in the thread lol

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Although I haven’t done it, I like the idea of adding them at the end (or both) but if just one I’d do the end.

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The tbol, i think was good for performance. Meaning it didn’t add noticable size, but it felt like I could do more reps, and a bit of top end strength. I didn’t feel any sides on it. It was developed for athletics by the Germans, so that kinda makes sense in regards to athletic performance (one of the early designer steroids).