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Tbol Alternative? 2nd Cycle, Oral Only

Ok , just started my second cycle. First cycle was Sus for 1 month followed by test e for 2 months gained muscle, strength, weight etc. 6 MONTH LAY OFF. I am in a position where I need to make weight so my goal is to lean out and increase strength, not build and gain weight. Started this 2nd cycle with 10mg of TBOL ONLY. no test base. Seeing results I like. My tbol got compromised and I can not get anymore. The other orals available to me are:


Keeping my goals to lean and increase strength what would be my best bet? I am subject to hair loss but I take pills for it and I’d like to not kill my libido if possible…yes I know about running a test base after I make weight in a month I’ll consider it… PLEASE ANY ADVICE ON WHAT TO SWITCH TO …HELP!!

You don’t want to kill your libido but you want to run an oral only cycle? How much research did you do before this cycle? Just curious.

Why would u start a cycle if you don’t have enough to even run a cycle, just curious.

Epistane. Good balance of strength and muscle-sparing during a cut. Anavar is delightful but pretty pricey. Winstrol can be hard on your joints and I assume making weight means some athletic endeavor, and I also assume you’ll want to be able to have normal range of motion. Anadrol will put on tons of weight. Ditto dbol.

Normally we’d all tell you not to run an oral only, but I get your situation.

I’ve done research that’s also what I’m doing with this post. I was comparing epi and var but I was still undecided this post helped me with that…I had plenty of tbol it was compromised meaning someone got to it and destroyed it unfortunately :angry::angry: . I get Var for 100 and epi for 75 so the price difference, while expensive isn’t much of a difference and it’s from a great source. Anything else guys? Most appreciated!!