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TBG Has a Cat


Now that we got that out of the way...and as evidence, the picture is her. And not just any domestic cat, she's a Bengal Cat. Which means she's a mere few generations removed from an actual cross with a Wild Cat. So...

Do ya think this bitch would KILL the fucking mouse? No.

4 a.m.:

There is a baseboard metal heating element behind my bed. I hear rattling around, and I hear the cat. 7:30 is revelry around here b/c as you may have heard, I'm in Kindergarten now. I'm fucking tired, half asleep and DO NOT WANT TO WAKE UP but even in my semi-conscious state, I realize there is likely a mouse back there that's she chasing and it has sought refuge in or under the heating element.

11 a.m.:

Just finished eating and come back into my bedroom and scampering about my floor is a fucking mouse. And who should be CASUALLY following behind said mouse? Yes, this asshole in the picture. Do ya think the bitch's wild ass instincts would kick in and the bitch would pounce, kill and say "see what I did there?" FUCK NO.

So the fucking mouse is scampering, I'm looking for something to scoop it up and all I can manage is a Coach shoe box top (veiled reference to expensive shoes, CHECK) and I successfully "trap" the mouse beneath the top. Now, since I'm on this recent respect all life kick (the cat can kill the motherfucker, that's nature, but I'd like to "evacuate" the little fucker from my home or otherwise, "release it back to the wild"), I'm looking around for something to scoop this little fucker up.

So of course, the little fucker gets loose in my fucking Save the Wildlife efforts, and goes scampering about my room again while this bitch (pictured) looks on helplessly.

It's 12:42:

This bitch is not hunting. She's off lounging somewhere, sleeping. The mouse is still in my fucking room somewhere. I have a potential solution; I grab one of my patterdale terriers, cut him loose in here, and the shit is a wrap. I got a little black fucker outside that is literally the Grim Fucking Reaper. Truly the messenger of death to anything with fur. However, the terrier will likely take out the cat too.

My question: Is that a bad thing?



I say bring on the terrier and lock the kitty in a cage while the dog takes care of it. Some kitties just don't want to hunt.

Is your cat an outdoor cat? They are usually the best at killing things.


Damn! I would move. "Aint" dancing with a mouse.

I would rather wrestle 3 rabid open sore homeless dudes each with the words "Full-Blown-Aids" written on there forheads.

Take the dogs and burn the house to the ground. Mice are Satans VD.


Wtf man?

Why is your little black fucker outside?


Uh, if I had my way, and I didn't think it would hurt my son's feelings, the bitch would become an outdoor cat today! No, she's an indoor cat...which reminds me of our favorite movie, Titanic and one of my favorite lines from that movie...

"Sorry. You just seem like, you know, kind of an indoor girl."

Can you tell I hate a bitch that won't get dirty??


Don't think that moving the mouse outside or into the wild will keep him from returning.

Oh, and that "cat" should be fired.


lol I usually say I'm an outdoor kitty, but I'm usually talking about other things.

My mom has her cats indoors and outdoors, they live in the country and It's usually the most dangerous for them at night(coyotes usually) so she brings them(well just one now) in with food at dinner time and keeps them in for the night. Also her cats are in better shape than mine(avi) because of the exercise.

Her oldest cat was 17 when she died and 14 when the other died. btw


Because he's black of course. You know I'm a racist! LOL


I know. It's mental gymnastics though. I'm trying to become kinder and gentler as I age :slight_smile:

And yes, it's going to be very difficult to justify buying the next bag of cat food. She might have to live off scraps from here out!


Kittens play rather than kill most of the time. If you want to encourage her to kill the mouse, feed her less than normal and she might look for food on her own.

How is the cat with your kid (considering getting on for my kid in a few years)?


and served with rice and a nice salad.....perhaps a tea with a shot of fresh pine aplle juice


Some cats need training.

Put the cat in a bathtub with a wounded live mouse. The instincts will kick in.


She's not a kitten. And I adopted her after her show career at age 3, so she wasn't really "socialized" as a pet. And, she's a Bengal and they have a bit of a different personality, more of a feral nature. So, she's not your typical cat. Therefore, she's definitely not a "lap cat" but she does like to snuggle up to me (on her terms only). She LOVES my son and let's him do things to her that even I can't, but she is also sometimes intolerant of him too and will take a swipe at him but won't dare swipe at me (I'll kick her little ass), but she usually does this from self defense when he won't leave her alone (again, her terms).

I don't think small children and animals mix. Children can be unintentionally tough on an animal and cats are not usually tolerant of that. The upside is, unlike a dog, they can't do too much physical damage to a child. I would just say what I'd tell anyone...always supervise small children and animals...no matter how much you think you trust the animal.


She was pursuing/hunting it just fine. She was on the prowl yesterday in the kitchen and I knew we had a mouse at that point by her behavior. She just won't KILL it.


I fixed your post :slight_smile:


You're sick.
Unless you mean the mouse.


No man

I mean the cat. You should even have the mouse at the table for the meal.


She is not hungry enough.

I had a outside cat that could catch just about anything, birds, varmints, dogs, etc. but would only eat a small portion of his catches. He was mainly catch and release.


God damn shame


Maybe outdoor mouse kicked your indoor cats ass.

Ever see Tom and Jerry?