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Tbaggs22 Anavar Only Results


I posted on Kmilks thread and had alot of guys ask me how its went and to please post results and pics. After seeing how horrible some people treated K I was not gonna post anymore, but for all the cool board bro's I will and I will take my lumps from the haters...

Gonna be real honest here guys. This is my 1st cycle and I choose Anavar because for a AAS it's up there with the safest ones. I'm a chicken with my health because I went through chemo 12 years ago and know what suffering is and don't care to put myself in harms way. However, that poison made lean muscle gains almost impossible for me and I got sick of killing myself only to see no or minimal changes.

I know most will say my cycle is a joke and a waste of time for 2 reasons. 1st: it was a anavar only cycle. 2nd: I only did 20-25mg ed. I know this is very low dose and a chick cycle, but it was safest thing for me. Also, I only wanted a little size and mainly to get ripped. I play lots of soccer and SS in softball so staying quick and lean is more important to me than size right now.

Cycle was Var only, 20-25mg ed, for 7 weeks. Never did add creatine.

Started at 187lbs, finished at 195lbs.

Bench week 1 was 225 2 or 3 times. Today 245 8 reps and 225 10 reps.

Chin- ups week 1 8-10 reps, now 8-10 WITH a 45lb plate hooked on me.

Hammer curls week 1 30lbs for 10 reps now 50lbs 10reps

Overall, much stronger in everything. Pumps are amazing, feel like I will rip through my skin some days. Muscles way harder to the touch. Way more vascularity. Noticed lots of people looking at me at the gym too which is very new to me and kinda cool. I'm the one always looking around usually thinking dam I wished I looked like that guy... So it Var gonna make you a monster and equal to Test? Hell no. Is Var only a joke in low doses? Hell no to that too, at least for me. Hope this helps some of you guys in some way....


Guys, I got good before and after pics but am only able to post one after pic... I suck with computers!!! If someone will volunteer to post them for me I will email all the pics or explain in detail how to post more than one pic in a thread. Would prefer option one... :slightly_smiling:


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Day 1


day 1 back


week 7


week 7 finished results


week 7 back


back post cycle


sorry 4 the double posts, i suck w comp....


finished cycle final pics


one more


Biggest disappointment was that someone said on here, " If you can't get a washboard on Var, it ain't gonna happen." Oviously I didn't and that sucks. Also, would like more bicep peak. Am happy all in all though.


You dont have washboard abs because you dont have enough mass to carry that low of a bodyfat %. Not because the drugs dont work for you or that you are someone incapable of having abs.

I honestly can't believe someone would take the legal and health risks to get the results that could have and SHOULD have easily been attainable with 1 year of training and a proper nutrition plan.

What are your plans for post cycle? How have you changed your diet to maintain your current condition? Take another pic or two 4 weeks after PCT is done and see where youre at


less than a year. and now he'll be discouraged when gains don't come quickly. then more anavar!


Anyone have anything nice or positive to say???? I don't get why I'm getting flamed for trying juice on a forum dedicated to juice.... I had been lifting for over 10 years and got no changes, so how you can say I could of got this naturally in a year? Also, bonez I don't understand what you mean by I don't have the mass for a six pack. What about swimmers and runners who have no muscles and have six packs? What do you suggest I need to do to get these?


You're getting flamed for doing an anavar only cycle as your first cycle along with not posting any stats outside of photos. Now, photos are a worth a thousand words and these speak volumes. You don't look like you've been lifting for 10 years which I suppose goes hand in hand with the no changes experienced. The issue here is that AAS isn't the answer.

There is clearly some change between the before and after. BUT that just proves that your var wasn't fake. What you should have done is figured out why you weren't progressing. Diet and Training (intensity and setup) without a doubt are why. Many people on this board have a problem with people who think that AAS will be the answer to thier shitty efforts. AAS is a supplement to training. A supplement...not a replacement.

I said that there was a change in the before and after. That's your positive comment. My advice is to get your diet and training worked out and put on some mass. Perhaps in a few years when the gains have slowed and you're completely dialed in look at doing a Test only cycle. Until then I'd avoid this forum as it will only tempt you further and set you up for future dissapointment.


Some people have the genetics to be extremely lean with no muscle mass. Ever seen 14 yr old kids with capped delts and shredded abs and serratus muscles? They're small and undeveloped but have the genetics to be that lean. It comes down to the individual.

Dont bring elite athletes into the picture. Distance runners dont have muscle mass but their metabolisms are through the roof compared to average joe. And I dont know which swimmers youre talking about that have no muscle. Have you seen Michael Phelps's back? Again, high level athletes are very different from average joe or the weekend warrior or even the typical gym rat with a 9-5.


You've been lifting for 10 years and saw no changes because you didnt know what the fuck you were doing. That is compeltely obvious. There are kids at the gym I go to making more progress than what is shown in your pics. All this 'wo is me, I suck at lifting' is bullshit. No one wants to hear your excuses. This will be my last post in this thread because I cant even read these types of posts without laughing. But seriously you used AAS. You gained a couple of pounds. Great. Now what? You didnt know how to make improvements naturally so what are you going to do now that you are off AAS? You still have the same genetics. If you dont change your nutrition and training to something conducive to mass gain dont expect anything more than regression to your previous condition.

And that line about people stopping to look at you was a good one. Im sure I'm not the only one that got a chuckle from it. So thanks for that


Thanks firefly, your points are well taken. As for bonez, you confirmed my belief that the only good thing to come out of belgium is the waffles....