TB 500 for Joints Anybody?

Hello… for along tme now i have struggled with various tendon/joint issues. currently my wrist suffers the most and its basically game over for any upper body. The health service here is shit and i dont have piles of cash for fancy massage treatment that may or may not work. im at my wits end with it so i began looking in to something that could help me. Ive read a few different posts on other forums stating that people have had great success with TB 500 in healing. has anybody here ever had any experience with it? i want to gain some knowledge off people that know before i start sticking needless in myself. thanks

It works, but if these are chronic injuries you’re getting then you’re better off addressing whatever it is you’re doing wrong that’s keeping you injured.

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well in terms of the wrist… ive pinpointed what did it i think. daft programming (or lack of) and bad bench form. its been that long now that rest wont cut it. its a case of failed healing so it needs some intervention from something or somewhere.

I fucked up my wrist benching once. Reverse curls really helped. You could try that.

If it’s never healed it’s because you’ve kept damaging it somehow. Need to pinpoint what that is

its work man… being employed in low income jobs=no time off. there is thing i can do currently but it mainly revolves around cable stuff etc. better than nothing but its not big boys stuff :confused:

physical labour essentially… thats what negated the healing process.

I’m currently taking TB 500 for joint pain, and some minor tendonitis. My take on it, is that it works, and quick. The only thing to be aware of is that, if you are trying to heal an injury, you need to do some degree of rehab and PT. Just pinning TB will help with the pain and speed the process, but its not a silver bullet. Additionally, prior to TB I was experimenting with BPC with not so great results. I have some nagging shoulder pain and tendonitis in my left elbow and was able to notice any improvement with this peptide using targeted IM administration.

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i see what youre saying. my thoughts are similar in the sense that i thought TB 500 may help… but scar tissue wouldnt be addressed without massage or some other form of appropriate treatment… so essentially it may not help in the long run.

especially since the injury is at least 12 months old now. christ knows whats going on in there.