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Taylor v. Wright.


Did anyone watch this fight?

I thought it was a great fight; it definitely had a lot more action than I thought it was going to have.

I agreed with the draw, too. They pretty much traded round for round... I was disappointed with Winky in the 12th, though, and my Wife can attest to that. I was muttering to myself about Winky not fighting and how he was running...

He definitely needed to keep the pressure on in that last round, but I think Taylor's big shots scared him away a little bit.


It was a great fight cant argue with the draw. I think when winky watches it he would probably agree. I wonder if he will rematch taylor? It would be the best money fight for him for sure.


It was the best fight I have see in a long time. I agree I think after Winky watches it he will have no choice but agree it was a draw.


I doubt Winky will think it's a draw, only because he's a fighter and i'm sure he'll insist he won until the day he dies.

Same goes for Taylor.

I'm sure they'll both watch the fight and go, "Yeah, he landed a shot there, but it didn't hurt, that doesn't count." And all their punches they'll go, "Yeah, I hurt him with that one - Round for me."


Good fight. I had a feeling neither of them would get knocked out. I can't argue with the draw, but I'd have rather seen someone win conclusively, pretty much for the reasons that Joker listed.


i also watched the fight last night. very good fight in terms of skill from a boxing stand-point. the one thing that pissed me off, and as larry "slow motion" merchant pointed out was how taylor was basically giving winky the fight by keeping his hands low and continuously allowing winky to push him against the ropes. i think if there is a rematch, which i hope there is/there should be because it was in their contract clause, taylor will win depending on whether or not he can fix those flaws. very good fight on both sides, though.


Yes, and Winky has a few things he can work on also. I think the rematch, if there is one, will go quite similarly... Winky will work on his middle of the ring fighting and Taylor on his Rope fighting and keeping out of the corners...

I was very impressed with how accurate Winky was when he had Taylor in the corner.

And the rematch clause was only if Taylor lost - But they're both proud men, so I'm sure we'll see a rematch (I sure hope we do)...

Larry "Slow Motion" Merchant, haha... Too funny.


Larry Merchant pisses me off to no end. His "commentary" on the B-Hop-Tarver fight was the most useless inane shit I have ever heard. I was hoping B-Hop was going to punch him in the head when he leaned out of the ropes at the end.

Overall, Wright-Taylor was a great fight. Very good boxing display, too bad there wasn't a satisfying conclusion. Couldn't see it scroed any other way, I had it dead even.


good fight, but the 114-114 decision favored winky in the 12th... didn't agree with that at all. hope to see a rematch. taylor looked like a monkey hanging his left down like that and being hunched over at glove height, though.

i met taylor a few months ago at a party... he looks so much bigger than 160 (or 170 which is what they said he gained up to after the weigh in to fight). he was solid too.


As much as Winky seemed to be just "getting by" in the 12th, I could see that round going to him. He still landed some nice shots and Taylor, as much as he was moving around, didn't seem to be working that hard, either.