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Taylor Swift Is My Future Wife


future wife...watch that girl in a video prior to gym, and my lifts went up 50% no joke. BLAAAAAOOO!!!







Hey, know how I know you're gay? You watch Taylor Swift before working out.


That right there is your first quality post. Bravo.


Well his post was like a woman in a short leather skirt and fishnet stockings walking a dark alley: we both know how it's going to end.


hahahahahahahahhaa the bitch is hot, if I was gay Id be looking at you in your speedos. shuuuuush
I barely discovered this broad today and fell on my ass. then I hit the gym and was like take it buyukid! I mean taylor swift


you need a tan homeboy


I mostly post in the roids forum :wink:


who the fck wears leather skirts? you an Okie? lol


She could use some tits, IMO

Cute face though


We're just poking fun at you bruh. Don't get all roid rage on me. We love you, no homo. If we didn't, we'd just ignore this thread.

By the way, you just discovered a super-star who has been famous for at least three years? Dude, did you know there's a black man for president? Just saying, we might need to catch you up on things.


not much of a boob man, I like girls in shape, and when they get some bolt ons they get that crazy looking tittie ripple on the side of it. Im guessing its the saline bag. I'm looking forward to new and improved silicone "gummie bears" :))


I live in Nashville...wanna come try and hunt her down with me? Total creeper style.


Does it make me gayer for actually listening to her music?


I'm in fuckin' Chicago, homeboy. Not exactly the Bahamas over here.


[quote]MangoMan305 wrote:
Does it make me gayer for actually listening to her music?[quote]

the girl is gorgeous, shes got a good voice, how would that make you gay? its relaxing sometimes. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I'm gunna blast taylor and Tim mcgraw with my windows down and see how many looks I get from the gang bangers hahahahahha


You mean gayer than you already are?

...and "yes".


She's pretty but she has this plastic-y looking face...

...I'd do her.