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Taylor Atwood 800kg + Total at 74kg BW / 1790 lb @ 163 lb

This is mighty impressive in a lot of ways:

In the 74kg class this performance puts him at number 2 all time among a bunch of untested lifters in knee wraps as a tested lifter in sleeves. Not far off number one either (Rostislav Petkov 835kg).

Pretty much an 11x bodyweight total.

Little bit of a hiccup on the last deadlift because he kinda slammed it down / dropped it after the down command but they gave it to him.

He’s not young at 31 years old but has a few more years of holding off all the up and coming 74kg lifters I think. Maybe even push this total a bit or move up a weight class to the 83s to take on Russel Orhii with his 830kg and growing total.

I’m under the impression that the “dont drop it” rule is there to make sure you dont drop it the moment you lock out? I dont think they needed to worry…

Very strong guy. Really impressive

I’ll have to check out the rule book again but I’ve seen lifts get red lighted for less in looser judged feds. Pretty tragic when it happens

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I’m all for “The rules are the rules”. But also what are the rule trying to achieve. This guy clearly had this lift.
I’m glad he got 3 whites.

U shud judge me first meet lol. U seem like a nice guy. I dunno the exact rationale for the rule

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It’s the same idea as re-racking the bar on squat or deadlift, although some feds will still give you the lift if shit happens and the bar doesn’t make it back as long as the rack command was given. RPS does that. Some judges will even give red lights on deadlift if you put the bar down too hard, much less drop it. It is what it is.

This guy has some ridiculous numbers though, like it doesn’t even make sense. If I didn’t know who he was and he told me he benches over 400 I would laugh, but its real and it’s not with a contortionist-style arch either. He must have some kind of bionic implants or something, nothing else could explain it.

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The majority of the rule(s) around putting the bar down on deadlift is to ensure that the lifter has full control of it.

In my opinion once given the down command there is Zero reason for a controlled decent. Just don’t let go and don’t move your feet. Taylor seemed to not let go or move his feet until after the bar had touched the ground.

Bill Kazmaier once got in trouble for putting the bar down too fast, so he did like a 5s eccentric while staring down the head judge… they tossed his lift for “judge intimidation” lol


A lot of wide stance sumo guys move their feet in, Belkin got called for that at a USPA meet last year after they changed the rules. I guess they didn’t translate it to Russian for him.

I’m with you, as long as you are holding the bar until it touches the floor then I don’t see the big deal, unless you do some dumb shit like slam it into the floor. I saw a video of a guy trying to do that in a gym and the bar caught his knee and snapped it backwards, not a bright idea and not good for the floor or the plates either.

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Found his secret


Rows never did anything for my bench. I got to the mid 300s pretty quick once I started training regularly, but it’s been a slow crawl beyond that.

Yup he’s truly a freak. A lot of people believe he’s natty too lol.

He even recently made an Instagram post advocating for stricter drug tests in powerlifting.

I heard that he’s got new, undetectable drugs. And now he’s all about ultra strict testing to get his rivals banned from competition.