Ok,this is my first attempt at a new thread.So,I’ll get to the point.
The guy that owned and lived in the apt.bldg,with his family next door to me decided to buy a house and rent out the bldg.“I’ll make sure you have good neighbors.I promise”.
Well,twenty seven Mexican fellas later,all in one,four apt bldg,I’m still waiting for the good neighbors.
As I was picking up the trash from the apt bldg,in my yard,I came across a pay-stub from one of the Mexicans.Curiosity got the better of me,so I checked it out. I couldn’t believe it.Nowhere on the pay-stub was there a deduction for federal or state taxes.W.T.F.Yes,they paid S.S and medicare taxes,but that was all.Sweet deal,how do we go about getting an arraingment like that.
I realize it’s tax time and this may have bugged me more than usual.But,do you guys think this is in anyway fair to the rest of us?Or am I wrong,again??

It’s not that hard really. On the W-4 that you and your employer fill out, simply mark that you are “Exempt from withholding”.

I personally do this because I’m not really into the government’s non-interest bearing account that I contribute to every year. I put away 15% of my income and when tax time comes, I simply foot the bill. In the end, I’ve got a bit of extra money from the interest that I’ve earn.

Maybe those Mexican’s were really financial savy individuals. Might want to think of them in a better light.

Bedz,thanks.I had no idea.