The refund that everyone got back last summer. Some got 300 others got 600. Well while doing my tax with the H&R Block program that I got at Target it ask what the amount was. Says its not taxable but they just want to know how much I got back. As soon as I put the figure in it deducts that amount from my refund. I looked at the book and it when doing the worksheet is says the same thing. What the F#$%@. I thought that money was free and now they say we have to pay it back? Those dirty BASTARDS. Does any one have any information on this?

settle down now… you settled? put that mailbomb to the irs down… settle… settle… calming ocean waves, calming ocean waves…

they deduct that cuz if you didn’t get it you’d get it now, but you got it (everyone did) so you ain’t gettin it again. get it?

Hello, Mr. Democrat. The 300 or 600 dollars was a refund, not a gift. It’s not taxable income. It was money taken out of your paycheck and held on to by the government. Bush decided the country would be better off if you had that money in your bank account. You got YOUR money back last summer rather than at the end of the year. So if you would have gotten $1000 dollar refund in April, instead you got $600 last summer and $400 in April.

I don’t have any information on your particular topic but if you have ever looked at the figures from the tax cut it just pisses you off. The top two income brackets get 47% of the tax cut. The dirty bastards sneak this in while giving the rest of us a couple hundred bucks so we don’t think about it. Considering they based this cut on the projected economy. Maybe we can just reinvent the Internet again and we can go through that type of growth again. Fucking gov’t.

That money wasn’t free, it was your overpayment from the prior year. That is what a tax refund is. Getting a bigger one or smaller one isn’t duping the IRS out of anything. It was yours to start with. If you sent VISA $500.00 too much, and VISA sends it back, it isn’t them giving you a free gift–is it? In the paper 1040, I saw no such thing.

The reason the top 2 brackets got 47% of the tax cut is that they pay over 1/2 the taxes. When you cut taxes by a percentage, people who pay more “get” more of the money (which is their money anyway – they actually get to send less to the government, not get extra handouts). BTW, as to stimulating innovation and jobs, when was the last time you saw a poor person creating jobs? Or buying big-ticket manufacturing items like computers and cars that help keep people in jobs? Just curious…

That money wasn’t free you earned it. They are just giving a little back. The fact that they are taxing you on it does not surprise me. Don’t like taxes…don’t earn any money. You can’t even get away from it when you are dead.

wow, carl marx and other socialists would be proud of you. fortunately, most americans know better. the reason the top brackets save the most is because they pay the most. Take people in the top (39.6 percent) tax bracket. In 1997, these people were only 0.7 percent of taxpayers, but they paid 26 percent of all income taxes. why should succesful people have to shoulder the less succussful OR (not and) the lazy who don’t try to succeed? do you have any aspirations to succeed? if you do, how would you like to see the fruits of your labor taken away from you? 39% federal, 4-6% state, add fica, property tax, alcohol tax, gas tax, phone tax, medicare tax,etc, and it gets ridiculous in a hurry. give atlas shrugged a read - you might learn something.