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'Tax Tips Only Millionaires Know'


This headline is currently up on AOL. And who does AOL show a picture of? Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. The Main Stream Liberal Media is already busy doing what it does best trying to get Obama elected...again.

Anyone who denies that there is a left wing bias in the media is either stupid, or they lean much farther left than they may realize.


Really? I only watch FOX News and I never got that impression.


Point well taken and good for FOX for leaning right as there are a multitude of media which leans left. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC NY Times, Newsweek, Time (Time man of the year Occupy Wallstreet morons LOL). Need I go on?

But yeah FOX leans right for sure and I'm thankful they do. We at least have one loud voice.


Fox News is barely more conservative than any other channel.

They've been pimping Mitt Romney (the establishment candidate) to the detrimint of others since 2008. It's been pathtically obvious since Romney got his ass kicked in SC.

Someone called it the "TEA Party vs. the RNC & DNC "Cocktail Party" and I agree.

There really is a Cocktail Party that overlaps almost all the DNC and the establisment portions of the RNC.


Sheesh, climb off Romney's back for a few minutes. I watched FOX for an hour last night and all they did was support Gingrich. They paraded out the sexual harasser Herman Cain to endorse him. And then they had Gingrich on talking about how BAAAAAAAAAD Mitt Romney is.

And I found nothing wrong with any of it. In fact, most in the MSLM are now pounding Romney and that's because they want to face Gingrich as they know he can't beat Obama. If you want my feelings on Gingrich we have two other threads going.


Unlike you, I know Romney. In fact, I knew his father. He's a complete fraud.


You assume a lot especially in light of the fact that you don't know who I am. Nor do you know the level of political involvement that I've had over the years, or my association with Mitt Romney.

That's kind of rookie mistake for someone who has been around here a while.


Yawn. I don't care if you swapped magic underwear with Romney in the Bain Capital bathroom.

I know Romney more than socially, and know he's a human piece of shit.

He (or rather his team) made me plenty of money over the years, but money isn't everything.


Ok, how so?


Yes. And there is a major rift developing. A lot of folks are seriously ticked off with Drudge, National Review, and others for making what seems to be a conscious decision to take down Romney's opposition. Romney himself was already disliked as a phony. And, for some of the negative stuff he pulled in '08. Now he's negative ad carpet bombing again, while he himself remaining largely unscathed (shockingly so, for a self-proclaimed progressive republican).

The best evidence of this anger is seen in the semi-adoption of Gingrich by Tea party and Grass roots folks. In a more balanced primary I think Santorum might have had a chance to rise to the front through those folks. However, seeing the big money negative ad carpet bombing, and the water carrying for Romney by a hefty chunk of the establishment, they've been rallying to Gingrich (more money and name recognition than Santorum) out of spite of Romney. Yep, instead of ABO (anybody but Obama), it's now ABR.

Conservatives got sold out for a progressive Republican whose turn happened to come up. Romneycare, enough said.


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I've invested heavily (for a non-institutional investor) in various business deals. All made me money. Most relied on the government to somehow make a market inefficient for the benefit of cronies and/or to pay.

I also knew him when he campainged for Paul Tsongus, for those with long memories. He hit up my father to bundle money for him and sway the Orthodox Jewish voters in Brookline and Israel.

Dukakis, too.

I decided I actually hated him when I listened to him give a very small (as in 15-20 people) private fundraiser speech basically to the effect that he'd take any position to get elected and would remember those who got him elected. My stomach churned.

In particular, in that speech, he recounted his father's loss to Richard Nixon.

Romney, Sr. ran as a moderate and Nixon ran to the right. (That election was during the Vietnam war.)

He said (and this is a quote as I remember it) "My father told me that, no matter how you govern, in Republican politics you can never win if someone 'runs to your right.' No matter what you intend to do, you must talk tough and right." (It was in the context of being asked whether he was a conservative or a liberal in context of some more conservative statements he made.)

He went on to explain that he was a liberal, would govern as a liberal, but had to talk like a conservative.

He talked about the business opportunities that are present with governmental institutions running things --- in short, the same Chicago "crony capitalism" that Obama practices, but the Boston version.

This fake hasn't changed his tune today.


Rommney has purchased and built an amazing political machine.

His M.O. (in business and politics) is to have a 3rd party slime the opposition with lies and appear innocent. He did this with Fred Thompson, for example, in the last election with false and salacious accusations timed just prior to key primaries --- easily refuted, but only after a couple days, and then the damage is done.

He did this in business before contract bids were taken.

He's spread a lot of money around, too.

And he's not above blackmail.


Who would have ever thought there could be a bias in the mainstream news media?


I agree with you money isn't everything and neither is religious bigotry. Try really hard to get over that. Of all people I would think that you would be more tolerant of other beliefs.



Would you mind taking your unnatural hate for Romney (can you imagine a politician of either party saying things to get elected? GASP!!) to another thread? Because this one is about the liberal bias in the main stream media.



I honestly never minded Fox news. We have multiple networks that lean liberal, let the conservatives have their own network. I'm a moderate, I watch all of them, and pick and glean what I can from them.


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Wah. A Romneybot playing the "religious bigotry" card in light of damning facts, such a typical liberal thing to do.* Last refuge of a scoundrals, these days.

Reminds me of how every disagreement with Obama is "bigoted."

  • BTW, it wasn't a religious attack. It was a joke about you being Romney's gay bathroom lover, and thus having more "intimate" knowledge about Romney as you claim.


There is nothing unnatural about my disdain (and pity) of Romney.

I can't stand lying hypocrites who pretend to be pearly white, but who are full of stink and corruption inside.

It's a very natural emotion to detest hypocrasy.