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Tax Return - What Supplements?


I did my taxes early and turns out im getting back 900 smackers from our government due to not collecting my stimulus package last yr.

I've been in a maintenance stage for the past month and now im ready to start lifting heavy and hard again. What are the top 5 supplements I should purchase aside from whey,casein, glutamine, leucine, and creatine? I already have those.. I'm looking to bulk up, I'm 6'5 220 with 7% bf and about 2 yrs serious training...




possibly... but I forgot to mention I'm 20 and don't exactly need it..... yet


I don't see no seal/fish oil in there.

Other than that, I have no specific recommendations.. I'm guessing ALA would be worth the investment (improved insulin sensitivity is always nice).


i take fish oil capsules but not as often as i should so thanks for the reminder. what about certain vitamins, anybody?


As long as your MD Complete and Low carb are in full stock, thats about it. I would deffinately pop fish oil in there. Deffinately include BCAA, and also Surge Recovery with a broad spectrum of AA. That should boost you up a little.


A good multivitamin with good levels of vitamin D3 and the B vitamins, plus good levels of zink, magnesium and calcium, should be added.


AKA ZMA and multi


i want to take vitamins D3 and vitamin E also.. can anyone tell me reputable brands for these two and good brands for the multis and ZMA


I bought some Surge Workout Fuel as a part of my refund. Having started using it yet though.




I hit the Vitamin Shoppe for 99% of my goods. They have great deals on just about anything and their brand is what I buy.

I do a men's multivitamin, fish oil and a couple of others for over 50 health.



Take your tax return, invest in some impossibly undervalued stocks of quality companies, wait for this financial crisis to end (which it will) and buy 3-5x the amount of supplements a few years down the road.


i usually go to them the majority of the time as well since it's right by my house. idk if their products are high quality and reputable though, there are alot cheaper than some namebrand things. I can't tell if its for that reason or they just don't add on for the namebrand factor...


you advertise whole milk alot.. is that the kind i just get at the supermarket because i see 132 different kinds of milk talked about on this site...