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Tax Exemption for the Disabled Who Choose to Work


I choose to work and thus not be a "burden on society". This saves the government thousands of dollars per year. However, I'm thanked by being taxed. Those of us with a major disability, but whom choose to work, should be tax exempt.

Please vote: http://www.change.org/ideas/view/tax_exemption_for_the_disabled_who_work_full_time

The top 10 ideas are going to be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day and will be supported by a national lobbying campaign run by Change. org, MySpace, and more than a dozen leading nonprofits after the Inauguration. So each idea has a real chance at becoming policy.

At the site:
1. Click on the Square for Voted.
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3. Confirm by clicking email link
4. Click on the square for Voted again.

PS - I feel like I'm dancing with the Devil.


Link doesn't work - can you repost? I'm not a US citizen, but that's such a good idea, I'll vote for it anyway.



If someone can work, and chooses to work, why would they be tax exempt while others aren't?


Because it's hard for many true disabled people to work. Only the fat slobs that made themselves over 600lbs and alcohalics want to collect disablity, while real disabled people want to work and get paid more than $637 a month. But hey since the disabled have it easy in their lives by possibly getting tax exemptions, good parking spaces, etc I'm willing to bet any person with a disablity would gladly trade you.


We're talking about people who can work.


Which people are you refering to though? Disabled people who choose to work or everyone else?


Disabled people who can and choose to work. Otherwise, why would a tax exemption be attractive?


Nothing personal, but I don't feel you should be tax exempt if you choose to work. I do appreciate you not being a burden on society, although some disabled probably don't have the choice. It sounds like a sense of entitlement for you not to get taxed because of your disablement.

Make a couple points supporting your opinion and maybe it will be convincing enough for me to look at this in a different light.


Why shouldn't the disabled who choose to work get an exemption? And what's it to you that a disabled person is getting a tax exemption and you aren't. In fact it would benefit you cause by them working and getting that exemption not as much would be taking from you in your taxes.
There is a way for most disabled people to work, however it can be hard for many to find a job in the first place, depends on the disablity, but is hard enough getting around anyway. Plus if a disabled person is not "draining" your tax dollars by choosing to work then you would be benefiting from this as much as the one who is tax exempt.


I work, and I too would like to not pay taxes.


Because we pay taxes to fund a huge government.

What's it to you that I pay taxes? You don't mind I can also be exempt, do you?

Yes, because those who actually could work, but lived on the government tit were just waiting for a tax emption. I seriously doubt an unmotivated person would be jumping into an income bracket where he'd have much if any taxes to worry about. Hell, they'd probably qualify for Obama's tax "credit."

The question should be, why are we providing people who can work, but choose not to, incentive to do just that. That doesn't piss you off?


I think it's funny that many of you people think that a disabled person is a "burden on society". There are many pieces of shit out there that milk the system, such as the man or woman making themselves obese so they don't have to work, alcohal problems, etc.

But living in a chair, crutches is hard enough without people who milk the system and people like you who think disabled people are a burden and not to mention the others who treat the disabled like shit cause they think they're out for pity. You want to be convinced in another light? Ok, try living with a major disablity and see how easy it is.

Many disabled people have to depend on someone to take care of them or have to wait for someone to come and help them go to the bathroom, or help them get on a bus, the list goes on for the daily hardships that most of us take for granted.

Then when it comes for the disabled trying their asses off to make a living for themselves by working, it's hard getting to work, doing the job can be hard enough to perform even if it's seemingly easy.

So with the disabled having to struggle with the things me, you and everyone else takes for granted on a daily basis, don't you think that a true disabled person deserves something like this?


False. We're talking about people who can work and choose not to. Don't waste your compassion on people who'd live off your sweat without even doing what they can.


The disabled collecting SSI that aren't working, don't pay taxes for that so the only thing that would change is that there would be less taxes taken out to support their SSI
monthly income.

Did I not make it clear that only people who are truly disabled deserve this? I've mention that assholes that milk the system, which is why something like this should be regulated seriously.


Are you not fucking paying attention to what I'm saying? I'm talking about REAL disabled people, not the fucking drunks and milkers of the system! I'm talking about people who are in wheel chairs, that are either parapalegics, quadripelgics,

People who live their life on a ventilater while using a wheel chair, etc. Those people want to make a living, they absolutely hate living off of SSI cause they don't get paid shit monthly.


So less people to shoulder the burden off SSI? I'm not exactly seeing huge surpluses as it is.


Well, if they choose to work and can, go for it. What's the issue?


For the last 20+ years I could have let tax payers cover my housing, food and medical expenses. By choosing to work, I've offset the tax burden by several thousand EVERY YEAR.

In essence I make a large contribution every year by not being a tax burden. Then I have to contribute again when taxed as a single male. I presently make a far greater difference just by not taking a government handout than many people make as regular tax payers.


So you want to be rewarded for doing the right thing? Every working person, who isn't using some government entitlment, is refusing to be a burden.


No - I'm not asking for a reward. I'm asking to not be penalized for doing the right thing.

Your thinking is as flawed as people who believe wheelchair parking spaces are a privilege, when they are actually part of a life sentence.