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Tax Evasion


Do not come forward. In fact, I urge everyone with assets to hide to open a Swiss account and evade these scheming, bloodsucking "Band of Thieves".

The more people that do it the better off every one is positioned that does.

If even 12 million of the top earners in this country US did it there is nothing the US could do about it.


Sounds like the prisoners dilemma...


Could be. But there is a tipping point.


Come forward and we'll give you a severe beating in an alley or we'll hang you in public. The Swiss should tell the IRS to get a real job that makes a product or provides a useful service.


On the one hand if you come forward you're guaranteed a punishment, on the other hand if you choose to stay quiet you have a small percentage of receiving a more severe punishment


Lift, Swiss Bank Accounts do not provide anonymity anymore for those who are trying to hide money. How do I know? I rubbed elbows with guys in Federal Prison who thought the same thing. Years ago, this was the case where people used Swiss Banks and their strict laws for privacy to hide money. Now the Swiss government will disclose your info, if the money deposited was made unlawfully or suspected of being unlawful. You have watched too many Bourne movies.


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This is a much better choice, actually spreading it out over a number of banks seems to be best. Of course, this is what I "heard." This is what Bernie Madoff did, and look how hard it is to locate 60 billion dollars.


No, actually I haven't. But still, I stand corrected. Where can I hide my money?


In your mattress.


If you hide cash, US Dollars, in your mattress, you will find that it has been stolen even if every bill is still there. This is what inflation is. A hidden tax that you must pay over time for all wealth held in dollars. Only real assets can hold value, and excess money supply creates the various bubbles you see. The inherent value of real assets stays the same, even if the Dollars used to buy them changes. A house has inherent value, as a shelter and in its location ect. Gold has an inherent value. The Dollar is no longer a holder of value as it once was, but is exclusively a medium of exchange. Avoid, don't evade, taxes by buying assets that are tax free and real if possible.


some of these people have not done anything wrong except for a failure to disclose the account. They tend to be holocaust survivors or the children of holocaust survivors who remember what Germany did to them. They are unlikely to trust any government, and this is playing right into their fears. They have been hiding money, after it has been taxed, for decades. The IRS is making a Ridiculous unsubstantiated claim that 25% per year interest was made on all of these accounts . In general, it costs about 0% - 2% to keep these accounts. Thatâ??s right; you get a -2% interest rate because the swiss charge you heavily for the priveledge to hide your money.

In my opinion, this is more about controlling money than any real desire to end corruption. there are several totally legit reasons to have a swiss bank account that have nothing to do with money laundering and the likes.


No, I would rather pay taxes and be safe than worry about my house catching on fire all the time -- not to mention having my money devalued thru inflation.

The point of putting it somewhere is that it can go to work for me to help combat inflation as well as hide if from the IRS.


Build a vault


Tiered partnerships.

If you do it right, you won't even go to jail, because you are not breaking any rules.


How is that different from confessing to any other crime? Most crimes would never be solved except for the fact that the dumbass perp or his dumbass girlfriend/ex-wife/brother-in-law went to the police and spilled the beans.


I'm with Zeke on this one, Lifticus. Invest in gold and silver coins, firearms and ammunition. And buy them in Montana to avoid state sales tax and red tape on the guns.

Oh, and if you've got serious money, buy a condo in Aruba or Cypress or some other tax-free jurisdiction (purchased by your offshore corporation, of course) and rent it out to wealthy foreign tourists. Proceeds from the condo, as well as profits from your other business activities, go into your "corporate account" which of course never identifies you as a beneficial owner, but which you may still access by means of a debit card, which you receive as an "employee" of the corporation.


If you really want to do something of value, become an accounting expert and start your own professional tax evasion service.


In case of tax "fraud" it is always an ex-wife/girlfriend or a disgruntled employee.


If you have a lot of it there are anonymous trust funds in Liechtenstein?