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Tax Dollars at Work


I'm not even sure what to say about this....


Mission Accomplished.

This is why they have been spying on us for so long. Rest easy gentleman...Giggles has been brought to justice. We got the sonuvabitch!



I totally thought this was an onion news article or something


Well, the goose didn't have citizenship.

I don't know why they didn't JDAM the whole property.


Hey Giggles.... Who's laughing now?


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No kidding. I kept looking for the punchline.

Absolutely sickening. A bureaucracy trying to justify its existence and budget . Just sickening.


I heard the Deer was dealing pot , the cop and the deer got into it and the deer was getting the upper hand so the cop shot him in self defense


I read in one of the posts that someone brought up the point that there could have been something wrong with the deer, the place that had it, planned on giving it to a wildlife sanctuary.

Dunno anything about that.

Still don't see why they wouldn't have called.


Does the DEA call drug dealers and ask them to hand over the marijuana or coke? Didn't think so.



Thats bullshit.

Giggles had a grow operation in half of that states game lands, and most of the DNR on the books. She also attracted the attention of the DEA though, and the DNR had to snuff her out before she turned on them.