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Taurus Handguns


I know we have a number of Handgun Shooters on this forum.

Thinking about buying a Taurus PT24/7 PRO. Anybody own one? Thoughts or comments on this pistol. Looking at the .45ACP version.

Never owned a Taurus pistol. I hear the quality lately is very good. Is that true?


I bought one as a wedding present for a friend of mine. The guy at the range/gunshot recommended it. I haven't had a chance to use it, and (being a gift) I don't think he'd ever let me know if he didn't like it for some reason.


I had a PT100 before. Took all but the lowest quality reloads without jamming. Good pistol plus the Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy is nice.

If money is not an issue I think some other models from Beretta, Sig, or Heckler & Koch are much nicer.

Ask at your local firing ranges if a loaner gun is available. Money well spent to test some different brands before buying.


Taurus is hands down the king of quality knockoff handguns. I'd still prefer to have an actual H&K in this case, but I'm sure the Taurus model is comperably built. Their Beretta 92 clone is also a high quality handgun.


Bump the last poster. Taurus is the best knock-off brand you can buy. That's all we shot in college.

SOrry to say I know nothing of the model in question - I am just vouching for the quality of the brand in general.


Do you need it for work?

More to the point, why would you buy a gun in the first place?

And doogie, howser going? Did you really buy a gun as a wedding present? Seriously, mate, that's retarded. But I suppose nothing says 'I love you' like a gunshot wound to the head.

(Having posted this item I know I'll be abused by the pro-gun posters, have my masculinity questioned, have the right to arm bears thrown in my face etc etc etc along with other ministerpretations of your constitution, but I'll just have to deal with it.)


I have a Taurus PT 92 in 9mm and a Taurus 669(?) .357.

No problems with either. Both are well built. Nice fit and finish.

I think the trigger on my PT92 is nicer than the Beretta from which it was cloned.

I think the Smith and Wesson equivalent of my .357 has a nicer trigger than the Taurus.

I don't think you can beat a Taurus for the money. Best quality inexpensive handgun around.


I did.

I don't own a gun now, because I have kids in the house and that freaks me out. My friend is childless, he's a gun nut, and he wanted a pistol. I also got the "couple" a stupid food processor thing they had registered for.

Do you buy people gifts that you like because you are so smart and cool, or
do you buy them things they want?


Look moron - In the greates country on the face of the earth, we have (and cherish) the right to own a gun.

Take you editorializing somewhere else. This is an honest thread askign for advice about a fire arm.

Put on your sandals and sing Kumbaya somewhere else.

Fucking anti-gun idiots.


Thanks for the replies gentlemen. It seems like a great gun for $400. I've got a few 1911's and a 4506 S&W. Partial to the .45's.


No I don't need it for work.

I enjoy shooting and also have a concealed weapons permit to carry a weapon. I excercise that right frequently.


Yeah, not only do you have your head up your ass, but you are insulting people that do not deserve to be and doing it in inappropriate forum as well. But that's what we've had to get used to from people like you. You are in the minority, you can feel proud of that I suppose. We gun owners will support your right to be an ass in a public forum as quickly as our right to defend ourselves and our families. Thanks for chiming in just the same.

Anyway, I'd have to agree about the Taurus quality comments above. Have you tried doing a search for a write-up from an expert?


From www.gundirectory.com

Taurus 24/7
Posted: 5/19/06 7:04am
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Member since May 2006

I just purchased the Taurus PT 24/7 40SW and I could not be more please. I purchased the gun for $380 which is a great deal to boot. The two other handguns I was looking at in that price range where the S&W Sigma and the Ruger P944T since I was set on buying a 40SW caliber weapon. I would have liked to look at the EAA Witness P 40SW but the shop I deal with does not carry that brand name. The S&W Sigma felt good in my hand and had decent ratings since it has been modified, however a DAO pistol makes absolutely no sense to me for home defense and especially target shooting. The Ruger P944T has an awesome service record but felt way too heavy especially for my wife. Furthermore, the Ruger and S&W had only 10 round clips while the Taurus has a 15 round clip (although I was only able to put 14 rounds in each clip, maybe they need to be broken in more). The Taurus PT944T gun feels very comfortable in my wife?s and my hands. The slide safety is much easier to operate than my wife?s Bersa Thunder 380. I just love the in line adjustable sights. Right out of the box we fired 100+ rounds through the Taurus with no problems whatsoever. The trigger pull is very short in single action mode but firm enough to be safe. I have only fired handguns three times in my life and I was able to hit 6? groupings at 15? to 20?. The Taurus has a moderate kickback but my wife was able to handle it fine. With a lifetime warrantee, excellent shooting characteristics and modest price I would recommend this gun to anyone who enjoys shooting while needing a reliable home defense handgun. ... more ? ? less


Surprise, Arizona

Taurus 24/7
Posted: 5/14/06 9:12am
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Member since May 2006

I just purchased the PT 24/7 Pro 40 sw yesterday. I paid 409.00. Here is how I compare my glock 22 with the PT 24/7 pro. I have carried a Glock 22 for CCW for the last 6 months; I have fired more than 1000 rounds through the glock with no jams. The Glock if fairly accurate, easy to clean and reliable. Like I said, I just purchased the PT 24/7 Pro, I put 300 rounds through the gun, no problems at all.... Well, for some reason when my wife fired the Taurus, the firing pin would hit the primer in SA mode; the gun then switched to DA and then fired the round. There was a certified NRA instructor, and he changed the way she pulled the trigger, and the problem did not happen again, she also did the same with the glock, but the glock does not have a DA feature. I never had the problem with either weapon. If you go to the Taurus USA web site, the site lists the weapon as having a 3 dot sight like the glock. The Taurus has a two dot sight. OK here is how I compare the two. First the glock costs allot more than the Taurus. The Glock comes with a 1 year warranty; the Taurus comes with a life time warranty. I like the safety on the Taurus, the glock has none. Taurus comes with a 15 round mag, the glock has 10 rounds. It took several rounds (100+) to be able to learn to shoot the glock in a close shot group (more due to how the trigger works and me), the first 15 shots from the Taurus at 7 yards (same as for when I first shot the glock) hit within a couple inches diameter shot group. The slide requires allot less strength to operate on the Taurus, which is good for the wife. You can operate the slide more quietly on the Taurus than the glock. The recoil seems allot less on the Taurus as compared to the glock. The glock is easier to disassemble than the Taurus. The Taurus is a little smaller in length, a little wide in width, and weighs a little more than the glock. The Taurus appears to have less kick than the glock, and I love less kick. And of course, the Taurus grip is more comfortable. Yes I do like the Taurus 24/7 pro, but Glock has been around for a long while, police departments use the Taurus. So it is a wait and see. After I fire 1000 or so rounds and if nothing weird happens, I?ll carry the Taurus. People can say what they want about Taurus. I have a Taurus 38 special that I carry primary or as a back up, and a 357 mag Taurus, both those weapons have been very reliable, no problems and I have fired at least 2000 rounds through the 38 special and 500 or 600 rounds through the 357 mag. But I will admit that I really like Taurus. I also like my Glock 22. If the Taurus 24/7 pro would have been out when I purchased my glock 22?? I would have not purchased the glock. ... more ? ? less


Taurus 24/7
Posted: 5/1/06 2:26am
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the first day i i bought the gun i was given some high dollar holllow points to fo with it but i didnt want to go waste them so i went down to wal-mart and bought 50 rounds of some cheap blazers. I emptied all the rounds without jamming or missfiring once. very pleased with this product


shallotte nc

Taurus 24/7
Posted: 4/17/06 11:00pm
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just bought this handgun in the 45acp, im very pleased with it , i alsogot the mill. pro compact in the same 45acp, both shot and funtioned well, i read alot of reviews about them both ..and was nervous a little but im very pleased with them both and this is coming from a g21 and g31 owener too. thank u.



Taurus 24/7
Posted: 4/4/06 3:44pm
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I purchaesed the PT 24/7 9B and this weapon is great...I took it to the gun range and blasted 20 rounds of hydro schock..124 grain,FMJ..Then 200 rounds 116 grain, FMJ Winchester. 15 yds distance hit every thing perfect....Snappy recoil and little shock due to the nice grip..I recommend this weapon to everyone...Double Action Only w/ a smooth trigger....Very happy..Thank you Taurus


Taurus 24/7
Posted: 3/24/06 10:48pm
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I bought this pistol and out of the box, the chamber was cut to big and the firing pin hole had a dimple all the way around it and grouping was terrible. I thought the grouping problem was me and shot my Witness in the same caliber using the same ammo and same amount of rounds, long story short, it wasnt me. No more Taurus semi-autos for me.


Taurus 24/7
Posted: 3/23/06 11:22pm
I just bought one and it is truly a beautiful piece of craftsman ship. It shoots just awesome


What, no questioning my manhood?

I am saddened.

It is interesting, though, that such aggression comes from gun owners. That's reassuring.

And I can't see a problem with owning guns, per se. But having them in your house does seem to be begging for an accident, which was confirmed by doogie's post.

And wedding presents are traditionally given to help stock the house of the newlyweds (housewares, sheets etc), not just deluge them in an orgy of gifts for the sake of it.

Kumbaya ...


Your manhood really never entered my mind. You may want to try another website to discuss such things.

If one did own a gun, which you seem to not have a problem with, where would one keep it if not in the house? I know mine are locked up in a safe as are all of my extended families' firearms. I do keep an unloaded shotgun with a trigger lock near me while I sleep. I have a feeling, my 3 y/o wont get up in the middle of the night, load my shotgun, find the right key to unlock the trigger, remove the safety, pump a round into the chamber, pick it up, aim it, pull the trigger and kill someone. I can do all that in under 10 seconds. I wonder who's house a criminal would rather break into, yours or mine!

I did however launch a stone about 300 miles per hour into my house with my lawnmower. Now THAT was an accident! Gee, I guess accidents can happen with all kinds of things huh?

By the way, your first post was rife with aggression. If a firm response offends your sensibilities, maybe you should stop typing your crap here. Just a thought.


By your logic having a cup of coffee is you begging to get burned.
or having kifes in the house is you begging to get stabbed..

a fire place? hell your begging to have your house burned down.

All of which are retarded to think.

flying in a plane? oh you might crash
driving a car?

I could pick up my tv and smash you over the head, killing you..
do you have a problem with TV's in the house to?


You're assuming that someone breaking into your house would know you had a gun and would therefore prefer breaking into mine. To advertise you had a gun to ward off a would-be intruder would raise the stakes: they would bring force to overcome yours. Then it's just a matter of speed, isn't it.

Of course, no one ever has a gun in order for a family member to accidentally shoot another, that it happens underlines the risk of having them in a house in the first place.

My grandfather who shot pistols all his life, had a safe in his house bolted to the floor. This has been the law in Australia since the mid-80s (in New South Wales, at least). If memory serves correctly, the law was then changed that you needed to be a registered member of a pistol club to own a pistol and the pistol/gun etc had to be stored at the club.

The idea being that people with a legitimate sporting interest in shooting could keep their guns at the location where they would do their shooting, thus minimising the possibility of harm.

And yes, accidents happen with everything. I'm glad you're starting to see some sense.


Just so you kow, I gave away my kifes.

Your arguments are absurd.

But your point is that anything can be a weapon. Ah, that's clever. So shall we compare the incidence of random and/or accidental TV assaults versus random and/or accidental shootings? Hmmm, I thought so.


David, no one give a fucking shit about your opinion on this specific topic. You don't have a gun, and made a hijacking comment to spur an arguement. So for the rest of this thread, fuck off and keep your remarks to yourself.

As for the gun, my feelings is if I'm buying something that looks like a Berretta, I'd buy the Beretta. I know it's more expensive than a Taurus, but I just don't dig knock offs. Besides, after shooting a Beretta .40 cal, I dont' think I'd own anything else.


BIGRAGU is right. You'll lose here any way you cut it. You are outnumbered and we all think you are a fool at best and a niusance at worst.

(By the way, while the criminal wouldn't know which of our houses to break into, I KNOW which one will be his last)

Good luck waiting for the police to help out.

See ya.

OK, one more thing... How far did violent crimes with a firearm drop since instituting all your kooky gun laws? I know the U.S.'s rate has only gotten worse as the number of gun laws grew. Go figure.


Well I was aggravated that he hijacked the thread. I want to purchase a gun in the near future and this thread is going to generate a lot of opinions on which is better. I just don't need jackass comments plugging up a legitimate thread.