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Taurine w/ My Creatine?

So i got my creatine in the mail today, and like an idiot i realized i forgot to read the back of the can before buying it.

for every 5 grams of creatine there is one gram of taurine. ok, i got nothing against taurine (drinks redbulls all the time) but could taurine possibly have any compounded effects w/ Spike or make it hard to sleep? so i guess i’m basically asking if taurine is a stimulant, or is it like vitamin b, and allows u to have more energy


I believe it’s there primarily to help trigger an insulin response for better absorption of the creatine.

Beyond that, someone smart, like Cy, will have to add additional info.

for reference for everyone its ‘precision engineered’ brand

and i tried it anyways, and no problems w/ Spike

do you even know what taurine is? do a quick search then you’ll laugh at your question. it’s ok that’s what the forums are for. laters pk