Taurine as a Stand-Alone Supplement?

Hope your doing great Coach CT

Had a Question is Taurine as a stand-alone supplement effective as the magnesium Taurate and if so how should it be implemented the best time to take it to amplify its effectiveness I am a Type 2B confident.

Another one does the timing of my training can effect my progress since I feel that I always have high cortisol since I sometimes train after 6:00 PM and really have hard time shutting my brain down even with Glycine and magnesium Taurate post workout they don’t do anything.

Should I do my best to train in the morning is that shift that effective for modulating Cortisol


CT has spoken about the cortisol connection many times. The upshot is evening training is not ideal. That said, if that is your only alternative then you just need to get on with it. I am in the same boat and have been doing evening training for years (a few years ago it meant sometimes starting at 9pm or not training at all). I’ve still made decent gains despite the routine.

In my opinion, there is enough science to support use of taurine as a standalone supplement. Although, it may not do much for your issues. There are other adaptogens to consider, or just a high carb post-workout meal.

I’m a big fan of taurine as a stand alone supplement. Search “taurine and gaba” and you’ll find a bunch of research.

Taurine is actually one of the strongest natural anxiety supplements for me. When I use it I’ll take 1 gram. Typically starts working around 60-90 minutes and seems to last several hours.

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Hey Man ,

Thanks for your concern and feedback I got that 100% that as a natural Trainee I should train in the morning but due work related stuff it’s sometime pretty hard to do that like you said it is what it is we should improvise to do our best and that is what I am doing but sometimes I pay for low sleep which effect my progress

I will do my best to get Magnesium Taurate not only Taurine like you said I think the mix of both are more effective also What are the best adaptogens you used I got Ashwaganda before and I hated how it made me feel didn’t like it at all I was more aggressive on it and had mood swings don’t know why :joy:

Thanks again

No worries mate. I use magnesium bisglycinate, which can be sourced cheaply (in the UK). Magnesium oil applied topically is also pretty good. In terms of adaptogens, I’ve messed around with ashwaganda, cordyceps, rhodiola and other stuff but I don’t really have much cortisol/stress issues so haven’t noticed a great deal. I usually take rhodiola if I have a few stressful days ahead then stop.

Taurine is absolutely a worthwhile supplement if you are prone to overactivation/anxiety. It is a neurological “equalizer” in that it helps bring you down when you are too high, which is why they put it in energy drinks… people think that it’s because it’s a stimulant, in reality it is to combat the potential side effects AND to quickly bring you down from the high so that you buy a second one.


Cheers Man I got that I don’t have unfortunately I don’t have any good forms of magnesium in my Country that’s a bummer but I am doing my best to order some Magnesium Glycinate & Taurate since I have used both and got great results with

Thank you Coach CT for your feedback so it’s a good investment if I am prone to over-activation and anxiety it will help in that regard but should it be taken pre workout window or during the day at anytime it does not matter


Those sneaky bastards :^ / I always thought it was an energy enhancer.

Most people do! In fact, my wife used to be really into the rave scene and told me that they would study the energy drinks, looking for the ones with the most taurine because they thought it was the magical ingrendient!!!


Hey Man ,

Hope your doing great when exactly do you take your Taurine Dose pre workout or post what are the benefits you felt .

I remember when I posted about Neurotype at the renegade strength club and you advised me to look at it and you truly wasn’t wrong unfortunately the renegade strong workouts aren’t that great for the Type 2B since I really need some more cable work and more isolation in my programming but still it’s a great resource when you need that pick up if you lost your Way


One gram is enough a day !?