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Tatts. Yes or No


I have read many comments about tattoos on T-Nation, some in favour, some against. There are comments from those that have them in favour of body art and some from those that have them that wish they didnt. There are also comments regarding tattoos taking away from muscle tone and overall appearance or stating that they just look bad. I would like to hear comments from you all out there about your opinion on tattoos. Do you love them, hate them or maybe just dislike them? Do they enhance appearance or do they take away from all the hard work that you put in at the gym? I am sure that there are other out there, either with Tattoos or without them that would love to hear the thoughs on body art.


This sparked a big argument last time it was brought up. I think if it's artistically done and aesthetically placed to compliment your body, it can be a beautiful addition. I've seen lots of stupid tatts that don't follow this. Personal choice, that's all it is.


If you give a rat's ass about other people's opinions on the subject, don't get any.


Very true. They are permanent. I think some folks forget that...

I love mine and want more. Opinions will vary, but I believe the younger crowd around my age group (21+) is going to alot more accepting of them than anyone has been previously. Mostly because so many of us have them.


Best post.

I have tats. I could care less if anyone doesn't like them. They are above "short sleeve level" so I can still appear professional if need be. I didn't get them to fit in. If that is your reasoning, you may want to avoid getting one. If they mean nothing to you, you are as fake as the guy singing base in the Backstreet Boys.


Doogie and ProfX are both right on the money.

Tats are something spiritual, (at least to me) personal, and also addicting, (again, at least to me). After my first one over ten years ago I went right home and started designing another one..then so on and so on and so on. Getting ink should not be for anyone other than yourself. I also think it should be designed by you...and if you can't draw, then at least the idea should come from you and your artist can assist you. If you're getting one, closely check out the artist's previous work, (either in a book or a person). The quality and talent of work is probably the most important aspect...oh yeah, proper aftercare is also important in how it will look.

Ok, back to the subject...tats are a person's connection to their body. It's a way to connect more closely with one's personality and environment, (at least, if they're done for the right reasons they are). So it's all a matter of opinion and a person's point of view...so there won't be any "answers" here.


I agree with doogie and ProfX. I have a couple, and neither of them are visable unless I want them to be. But whether or not people would like them is not the reason I got them. In fact it was kind of the opposite.

Don't get me wrong - they both mean way more to me than just being cool ink. And I could care less if anyone understands the meaning or not. But One of the reasons I got them was to kind of throw the bird at what people consider normal. I don't want to be put into that box, and if I can make a statement about it while at the same time pissing some folks off - well so much the better.


Tattoos should be something that is personal. Take your time before you get one. Tattoo artists will go a year or more before getting one to ensure they design the right one. Here is some advice for those considering

  1. No tribal bands
  2. No lower backs
  3. No highschool football numbers
  4. Choose an original or have an artist design one for you.
  5. After you decide on a design,wait a month to see if you still like it.
  6. Don't get tattoos for the sake of showing them off.


As everyone has said...make sure your reasons are personal and permanent and the artist is reputable. Thirty years ago, someone triple-dog dared me to get one...I learned to love it after my hangover wore off.


Even better: design your own tattoo, or have an artistic friend do it. It'll mean more, and be exactly what you want.


I'm wondering why the question. Tattoos are a matter of personal preference. I never liked them too much because I felt the ones I saw were too commercial, beast like or lame tribal stuff someone picked off a wall drawing.

Design your own tat. Then it's something you'll like and most of all it MEANS something to you, not just "Hey check out my cool snake tat". That is lame.


I have a big problem with the trendy tattoos you see lately. If all I could think about to get marked on my body, was the same thing everybody else has, I'd just skip it.

In my opinion, once the trendy style has worn off, alot of people are going to be stuck with tattoos that are simply out of style.

So obviously, I am agreeing with what everyone else is saying here, you have to get something that has personal meaning to YOU. I'd also give careful consideration to what that tat is going to look like in 20, 30 or more years. You may not care now, and you may not care then. But you might.

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The best are the tribal armbands.

"Yea, I saw this on the wall and it looked cool. And they only charged me $300!"

Meanwhile, the damn thing stops on the inside of their arm, leaving a three inch gap between the ends.


All the guys with tribal or barb wire are now regreting the decision. Some look good on guys but I hate tats on girls. Just about every girl now a days has a "tramp stamp" on the lower back. Personal preference either way you look at it.


I'm am probably echoing the above comments, but I run into a lot of people who want to get a tattoo, but don't know what they want a tattoo of. This is a perfect example of getting a tattoofor the sake of having one. My personal preference is that if I get a tattoo it is because I want to incorporate a particular design to be a part of my body, not because I seek to gain status as a tattoed individual.


Definitely personal preference, because I freaking love the tramp stamp. Love it, love it, love it.

What I cannot tolerate is tats on tits. It's just wrong.


Tramp stamp.... LMFFAO. :slight_smile:

I agree the tribal bands are just silly, and barb wire? Seems that 20 years ago, it was eagles. Some vets, and most bikers wore eagles well. Then everyone got in on the act.

I also agree, that I am pickier about what I like to see tatwise on females. I do see some tats that appeal to me on girls, but they do tend to make more of a statement when on a female, to me anyhow.

\|/ 3Toes


I already have tatts myself that although not drawn by myself (I cant draw at all) were designed by tattoo artists for me based on what I wanted, not what was hanging on the wall.

I asked the question as I am very new to the body building world and have never discussed the issue of tatts with people that spend so much time and effort creating the body that they want.

I love my tatts and will get more as that is my choice. I am just interested to hear what others think.


I have my preferences as ell. It may be biased, but I hate to see tats on a girl's arm or shoulder. Some may wear it well, but the overall idea to me seems rather "butch". I don't mind and even like them on the lower back, the abdomen, the lower leg or their ass.


A couple of years ago my wife and I took a second honeymoon to a clothing optional resort South of Cancun. We had never been to such a place before. I had been to all nude titty bars, but that's a far cry from regular folks lounging around a pool sans bathing suits.

Anyhow, I come down from out room - fully prepared for the full monty. Or so I thought. My first glance at nude boob was that of a 50-something lady that was extremelty proud of her huge knockers. They were fat woman huge, not gloriously huge. And she had the most disturbing sunbursts tatooed on her boobs. They were centered around each nipple and went out about 2 inches. It looked like two big black aureolas surrounded by fat woman tits.

And that was what I did on summer vacation.