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Just curious to see what you all think about tattoos. If you have them, what sort and where? If you don’t like them, why not? I personally have a complex Celtic arm band hi across my right bicep and I’m thinking of getting another one on my lower back. It’s great to wear a singlet on arm days as the tat makes my upper arm look real good.


I just got a tat last Monday. I have been thinking about getting one for the last year and started researching the design last December. It is Chinese symbol for loyalty, a trait which a believe represents my thoughts and beliefs. It is 3 inches by 3 inches and is located on my right arm between shoulder and bicep.

Chinese zodiac sign for “Monkey” along with Ted my crazed monkey companion on my right bicep. I’m getting more done on my back in the fall. Human canvas rocks.

“MB Eric: Inked since 1998.”


Two fads I would love to see vanish: body piercings and tattoos. I thought guys would quit wearing earrings years ago, but nope, now they get their dicks and tits pierced too. And women with tattoos aren’t sexy. But that’s my opinion. I agree with Adam Corolla from “Loveline” and “THe Man Show” when he says that all that tattooing and body piercing are signs of anti social behavior. I just see you guys as trying to be “individuals” by following the herd. Screw conformity. You want to be different? DON’T get a tat or pierce anything. I’ll never pierce my ears or any other bodypart, nor will I get a tattoo. To me it’s self mutilation.

Yo Mick! Just a big hi from another Brissy local… and as for tattoos, well, they aint really my thing to be honest. But each to their own. Cheers, Mark-AUS.

I tend to agree with bigsteve but not as vehemently. No tats for me, I hate it if I have to write something on my hand (happens about once a year), women with tats - no thanks.

tats are cool, especially if you design it yourself, the only problem i see is that people
pre-judge you if you have a visible one when wearing a short sleeve shirt, i have teo large ones on my left shoulder and still feel that ones on forearms and necks look ugly and must predispose the person to more segregation than benifit derived from the tattoo, a lot of clubs in england, especially in the north have a no tat rule, so that can wipe out your weekend as well, strange thing is i remeber when i got my first tat done that is was told it would stop me getting jobs and crap like that, gonna start PhD in biochemistry soon, so much for that crap advice then!.

Inking’s not my gig, but if some one wants to do it, great. I do find some of the more artsy bands interesting. It’s much more cool if the tat has some personal meaning.

I have a small tatoo on my left hip, right over the joint. It’s a design I liked for about 10 years before I got it. I think tatoos can be really sexy, if well thought out and well placed. Anything you see on a tatoo parlor wall is not cool, it’s lame. If you designed it (or had it designed) so it is unique and has personal meaning it can be a symbol of who you are.

I’m working on the design for my second, which will be going on my lower back.

I’m on the fence about inking it up. To me the fad of the arm band is through, it’s now jumped onto chinese characters. I say this laughingly because I want to get the chinese symbol for “balance” between my shoulder and bicep. I suppose the only reason I didn’t get tatooed in college (fraternity letters) or anything lese for that matter is the fact that I want to work for the Secret Service/FBI in a few years. You really can’t have any tatoos or have done any drugs to be considered. Whereas every thing has its good and bad, some Tatoos rock i.e. Henry Rollins or Anthony Kiedis back, whereas some just suck, ie. everyone that has the matching Mullet.

Body alteration has a rich past that reaches deep into prehistory. Although we like to think that tatooing and piercings are a trend (admittedly they have seen a resurgence in popularity lately), in fact they are an ancient practice. I didn’t get inked to be trendy, indeed I never expose my tats in public. They tie me to my anscestors and have become a part of who I am. They’re not for everyone, and I myself am a little disturbed by these guys who go the route of the “modern savage” and ink their faces and hands, as these are uncoverable and downright scary to most whitebread Americans. However, lumping everyone who gets tattooed together as trend followers is a mistake, in my opinion. The behavior is not anti-social, rather it is a social practice that many people use to nonverbally communicate, much like hair length or style of dress.

I have “Welcome Aboard” tattooed on my member. The women really like it (the tatoo & my member).

MickL-Brisbane, be true to YOURSELF!

have quite a bit of work, myself. almost all original. favorite piece is a rather large necklace with a large pendant on my chest, the chain was free handed. also, hate to quote a bumper sticker, but i thought this was interesting: “the only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is that tattooed people don’t care if you’re not tattooed.”

I have a couple of tattoos, some people would say they are rather on the large side. They go from just above my elbow to mid deltoid. Tattoos aren’t for everyone and they definately aren’t just a fad. The Iceman they dug up in the Alps had tattoos and he died 5500 years ago. A recent find of a mummified woman in a grave on the Mongolian steppes had color tattoos and she was buried 12,000 years ago. I don’t care if people like tattoos or don’t, but I do think if you look down on a person because they have a tattoo you are pretty narrow minded.

I have 3 ear rings, the first one I did myself in 1980, the second shortly after, the last I did earlier this year when my son got his pierced. I was in the Navy and in the old days sub sailors commonly had pierced ears. Old time sailors also had them. It’s neither masculine or feminine to wear ear rings, although some “manly men” would disagree. My opinion is that guys like that have issues with their own sexuality…and so they take it out on other guys. Just like hair cuts or facial hair, or any other appearance thing, it just effects how you look, it doesn’t make you any different than you were before.

I agree that tatt’s should mean something. While Celtic is ‘trendy’, I decided on the arm band for a reason. My father has done a lot of work on our family tree, and both my parents lines come from Europe (France and Wales). The Celts were a very powerfull group of people that lived right through Europe (not just northern UK) I like to think the armband links me to my warrior past. NOW my wife is Chinese as are my 2 kids (half any way) I’m thinking of using my childrens Chinese names with Celtic knot work, so my tatt’s are for me alone.
Joey Z, good advice, I follow it every day.

Hey Mark-AUS, did you have a thread about wearing T-Man shirts around Brissie? Keep wearing it man. If I see you I’ll buy you are beer. (Brisbane is a small town)

I used to have a tattoo of a rose on my ankle, but I had it removed. My former freind who is a cocaine addicted has a matching one, so I wanted to get eliminate any association with her. It also made my mom happy, even though she paid to have it off, since it was hard to hide on my ankle.

I now have a small soccer ball on my lower back, right above my butt. It’s about the size of a half dollar.

I would like to get one on my arm, something that wraps around, but so many people already have that. Also, it's hard to hide, so I would look dumb with it when I get old. I think if I ever get married, I will get a tattoo of my husband's name on it, in the front below my waist.

I used to have a navel ring, but then everyone had them, so I ditched it. I also had an eyebrow ring for a while, since I lost a bet.

I just happen to have a superman tattoo on my right arm.

Make sure they are clean, and that the Artist is not a scratch artist. I have 2 cover-ups, so I know from experience.

I didn’t get one until a couple years ago, I thought like others; to be different I wouldn’t get one; but I got one for a special reason~~I have my wife’s name above my left pec, close to my shoulder, in her fave color, then a key under her name in my fave color, signifying she has the key to my heart. I may get a red dragon oneday, as that is my nickname. Don’t know where I’ll put it, if I do.