What up all, the Big D had been debating about getting inked for a while now, so I ventured into the tattoo parlor just to see, and I looked around and I saw awesome tribal that I knew if I did was the one. this would be my first tat basic tribal around the arm. So I’m just looken for input from u guy. I will be competing so I know they can hurt me their but I’m not gonna make any real money doin natural shows so I don’t plan on competing for a living. any opinions good or bad about them???

also I’ve heard black ink can be removed by ruby laser worst case, yes the Dozer can take the pain, but I just want to know exactly what I’m getting into. -Dozer

Just make sure that it is something that you will like for a long, long time. Laser surgery is extremely expensive and can leave scars.

Dozer, buddy, do not tell me that a fellow T-man is getting a tribal band tattoo. I love tattoo’s (got 3), and if someone told me what to get, I’d bitch slap them, but please don’t be like every frat-boy poser in my gym with a tribal arm band. I honestly believe it was just a fad, and that’s a dangerous thing with tattoos. If you want a tat, and don’t want to obscure yourself at a BB meet, get a small one between the hard area between your chest and your abs. It’s not on any muscle, and it draws atttention to the region. I’ve got the chinese symbol for strength there, and I love it.But hey, it’s your body, and it all comes down to what you really want.

I think tattoo’s are rad and that everyone should get one. What I don’t think you should get is a tattoo you find in a book. One day you just mind find somebody who has the same exact tattoo as you. My suggestion is to find something you like, bring it into the tattoo artist you like and have them work a drawing for you. That way you know it will be unique and not something you can choose out of a book of tattoos that anyone can get. Tattoo’s are unique and you should take the time to have something designed that will not be seen on anyone else.

Tattoo’s that I like are more of the traditional tats like the swallows (birds) knifes and hearts… stuff like that.

It’s late, so I’m going to give you an entire beautifully spun thesis tomorrow. FOr now suffice to say NO TRIBAL unless it’s a ring of T-men around your guns. lata

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Thanks for the input guys, and I am planning on personalizing the tat but I just needed a good base. Personally I’m F’ing pissed that tribals became a Fad thing cause I’ve wanted one a long time so I made a deal with myself, I’d get my tattoo when I drop under 4% bodyfat. we’ll I’ll be their in 1 more week so this has been a long time in the making and I’m not gonna change my mind just cause a bunch of followers had to ruin a good thing. anyone who has tried to work with me in the gym knows I have the hardest work ethic and the most demanding routine in their, so I’ll let my actions and my attitude do the talken. Stay hardcore, hit the iron and FUCK those pansy ass pretty boys who use more hair care products than my girlfriend.


Big D, good for you T-bro. If this idea is yours and yours alone, go for it. Hell, it’s the reason I’ve got a black and blue monkey tattooed on my right bicep, it is an expression of myself, plus he’s really good at commanding me to do his bidding. Seriously the only reason I’d shy away from the whole tribal thing is that I generally wouldn’t want anything permanent stuck to me that the Olsen twins would endorse, kitty excluded. If you can customize this here thing to suit you, then g’wan 'n git spiked. I’m getting my third sometime next fall. Just make sure it’s something you’ll want with you for a while. And finally, screw those who say “It’ll look stupid when you’re sixty.” To them my answer is always soemthing along the lines of "Really? well I tend to live for now, and I’m 20, plus I work out a lot and have a very healthful diet. You just keep downing those ring dings and see if you make it to sixty.

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I don’t know if the moderator will allow me to post this … if you have questions about tattoos, my friend runs one of the most comprehensive sites on the subject, check out the faq section.

OK…time to rant. For shit sakes that has to be one of the worst thought out plans I have ever heard. This shit is permanant you have to look at it that way. Plain and simple you may be the type that cannot have them removed with out huge scarring. I overproduce keeloid scar tissue this means I get raised scar tissue when I get injured if I had my tats removed I would have huge outlines of these things on me permanent. Also from the plastic surgeons I have talked to it is not always successfull so do not go into this with the idea it is eraseable. I have a theme to my tats. The right upper arm is a good angle ready for battle. The left upper arm is a fallen angle resting from battle. The back is a pictoral of st. Michael casting out Lucifer. The idea behind them is one side is good one side is bad and their is a constant battle for supremacy in me. I also have a broken heart on my upper thigh. When I origionally got inked I was 17 and got a scorpion and thought it was cool til someone said what significance does that have to you and I said “uhhhh it was cool at the time”. I since had it inked over with stuff I like and an idea I want displayed on me the rest of my life. I also did some shopping around the second time around cause after the first one I found out there are all different artists that will do tats. Some good some suck. Do some research or you will end up with bad art on you. My scorpion only had 3 legs too, that may give you an idea of how much they can vary. I have very well done ink now and I get many compliments on it. Make sure you are happy with it and will be for ever. Pain should never be the issue if that is even a thought do not do it. Once they start you have no choice. In conclusion I think tats are great but think it though. Get a tat mag talk to a few bikers (I know it is a stereotype but stereotype exhist for a reason).

reality time again… DON’T BE A POSER!!! you have to get what you feel and something that means something to YOU! If you can’t make up your mind don’t get it, if you are concerned about where it is or how you might place at some stupid contest don’t get one, but most important of all if you have to ask us putzzes on some dumb web site what we think DON’T GET ONE. nobody likes reality!!!

First off Dozer ain’t an F’ing poser…well except on stage at contest time. Second I’m not looking for anyone’s dam approval…if I wanted approval I’d be a little follower and wouldn’t put “ink” on my body cause only criminals do that. Like I said above this is something I HAVE wanted and it’s a reward to myself for myself for busting my ass harder than I ever have and achieving a competition level physique. Now I’ve heard that tattoo’s can hurt you at competition and I plan on competing the next few years so I could wait but I spoke to a few judges and it’s not true, it’s just guys making excuses for not winning. So I was only interested in hearing peoples reflections on their tattoo’s.


Dozer, Thou doeth protest too loudly. I would re-evaluate your decision you are not ready. This tat you spoke of how is it you?

As someone who has gone through the pain and EXPENSE (in bold for a reason), of having 2 tats removed. Take your freaking time. You will not die if you do not get inked this second, or this year, or even two years from now. But you will spend a lot of time kicking yourself in the ass 10 years from now if you rush into it and get the first cool thing you see.

1) Make it personal. What does a tribal band mean to you? Are you hawaiian? Polynesian? samoan? If you want a band, why not personalize it to what you are? Almost all religions/cultures have symbols that could be worked into a band.

  1. Pay someone to draw what you want. This baby’s going to be on you for a long time. Might as well have exactly what you want in your hand before walking into the tat parlor.

  2. Find out who the best is at what you want. if it means traveling to a different city, do it. Different artists are recognized for having different skills. while its too in depth for this board, some are known for single-needle work. others for photo-realistic work. Quick example- a tattoo artist i met has her back done with a japanese Koi fish scene. pretty fucking incredible looking. That person also waited 3 years to get it done from an artist who specialized in that type of work.

  3. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, having the tattoo removed will leave a scar. if people didn’t know i was tattoed, it looks like i have some skin discoloration from an accident or a burn. but my friends, they can make out the outline because they know what used to be there.

If you have any questions, fire away. Its cost me over $3,000 to have approximately $400 worth of ink removed, and i'm not finished with the treatments.

eag, I’d like to add one thing to your post. If ANYONE out there is contemplating getting inked, get your design finalized, frame it, and put it next to your bed. Now, wait ONE YEAR. Look at the design. Then look at it some more. Study the damn thing. If, after one year, you are not SICK TO DEATH of looking at the tat, proceed with finding a parlor. You’re going to have to live with the design anyway, so a year isn’t a long time. Also, get a good book on tats from your local bookstore. A good book will outline hygiene, what you can expect, proper care of your tat, etc. By the way, if you get attitude from the artist, leave before they break out the needles. You don’t want someone who’s pissed at you (or anyone else) permanently decorating the body you’ve spent so much time building.

I love my tatoo, I designed it back in fifth grade and it still had meaning when i was in college. I finally got it done my Senior year. THINK before you do it! I decided that if I liked a design for over 10 years I wasn’t going to change my mind next week. Tatoos are really cool, but like someone posted earlier, if it has no meaning it’s just stupid to do. Placement is really important too, think about what will happen to your skin when you gain or lose weight. Case in point - women who get cute dolphins around their belly buttons. After their first child they have mis-shapen whale type things. You’re not going to be young and fit forever! Let us know what you decide on, and what it looks like.

Yeah Dozer! Michelle’s right. If you get that tribal band on your belly and then get pregnant, you’re gonna be one sorry T-man. Uh…yeah.

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Just to add on to what Michelle said. I got my first tattoo on my shoulder when i was 16 years old and 175 lbs. At the time it was centered properly. 8 years later when i went to have it removed, it was off center and kind of distorted thanks to 35 lbs gained weightlifting. If you want a band and right now you have 16" arms and you plan on building them up to 18", guess what’s going to happen to that tat.

michelle that was exactly one of the reasons I went with a tribal cause I still have alot of room for growth on my arms so the tat will be stretching quite a bit over the next few years.