The suggestion of writing your idea down and waiting is excellent. Do some research on the artist before you trust em to mark you for life. You can get a feel for their reputation and watch how they take care of the equipment. Make sure you see them opening new needles. They will if you ask them to, some just do it on every new customer. (If they’re not in an alley workin out of a van, that is.)

The artists will usually draw sketches for you to take home and ponder for a while. I had the guy make several sketches before I finally decided on a design. After 6 months of looking at it everyday I was sure I wanted it. That was 6 years ago and I’m still proud to have it.

Good luck with the arm band.

I have a tatoo on my back. It felt tender for 2 days. I did chins. Big deal. It’s not gonna hurt anywhere near as much as it would if you got shot.
Hey E~

Hey all you tats, show us some pics!


you’re getting some good info here. I’ve got a few tats myself and got a couple of them in Hfx (is that where you are?). Lots of good (read clean and artistic) shops there. Temps are a great idea, as is getting the custom sketch and pondering it for a bit. This is for life remember. Pain is temporary, long-term effects are almost nil. Occasionally some of mine will swell slightly, maybe itch a bit (some people can be allergic to the inks), but nothing terrible. Blood donations have to wait a year (in Can) after.

Zan - I’m in Wolfville, not Halifax, but there is one shop here.
Anyway I drew what I was planning on getting on my arm yesterday with a permanant marker to see how it would look, and it’s not too bad actually. As such I think i’ll try the 6 month thing, and if I still want it, i’ll go ahead with it. Anyway thanks for the info people.

Go there and be educated :slight_smile:

and i hit submit too fast…check out the user galleries at
I’m in the animal section I think…black panther on the lower back, jeans and a black tank top (it’s an ass shot so that’s the best description I can give you)

A direct link, or hint on how far back to look?

They cut you off after looking at 150 pics.

I accidently began in the facial tattoos section. YOWZA.

Tattoos are great… Except for all the bad ones. I find it is pretty rare to see one that I really like, anymore. There are a lot more tattoos around lately, and so there are a lot more bad ones too.

There is a myth that once you get one “ya can’t stop” because they are so addictive. Not true for me, I got one almost 20 years ago, and have been just fine with one.

Doh, I forgot they’d changed their forum rules. PM me, I’ve got the pic on my home computer.

Josher, Acadia? National Party school!
Maybe head into the big city to get the tat done, I wasn’t too impressed with the shop in Wolfy last time I was there (May), just didn’t seem ‘experienced’ enough.

Stubob…chode was used in an old Tmag article…I will just give you the initials of the writer…all you newbies will have to do a search…!

Dumbasses…it’s spelled “choad.” Dammit.