I wanna get one, but I’m a little hesitant about the side effects. Does getting a tattoo have any ill side effects associated with them - like causing soreness that could affect my training, or possibly causing toxicity in my blood stream? I have also thought about gettin a temp. tattoo to do a test run, anyone know how long those things last for?

For those that are interested I was thinking about getting an armband on my bicep with a couple eagle feathers attached to it.

Thats sooo original. Suck it up and deal with the pain

Can’t give you any constructive advice but…

How the hell could you consider getting a tat with anything other than the “T”?! (You know, the red one at the left?)

Come on, man, represent!


I agree with Groove. Pretty much anything that you could possibly get that resembles an “armband” will have already been done by countless others, and you’ll just look like a chode. I don’t have any tatoos, and most likely never will. However, if I were to ever seriously consider it, I would do what you were already thinking about. Get a temporary one and see how you like it before you have something permanently emblazoned on your body.

grove sup?

I don’t care if it’s original, if I like it, that’s all that matters. I wasn’t talking about the pain of getting one, I meant long term effects of having a tattoo, if there are any, which I don’t know - somthing that is obvious since I posted this question.

Yeah the T-mag tribal tattoo did cross my mind, but I didn’t want to put a tattoo on my shoulder, and that’s the only place I can think to put something like that. Now if I could somehow incorporate it into an arm band that actually looked good, then we’d be talking.

you can get aids from a dirty needle. hows that for a side effect?

Ohhhh, you wanted long-term effects. I’m sorry, I must have misunderstood the question. Well, you could look like a huge dumbass for having the same exact tatoo that a billion other people in the world already sport.


Not sure why you’re getting attacked for asking about this . . .

Just wanted to say that if the only thing that sets you apart is your tat, then you are most definitely a chode.

Get what you want – you better like it!

temporary tattoo sounds dorky but it’s a good idea. Try living with that approximate shape-size-color on your body and see if it strikes a chord.

Depending on where and how much tattooing is done, yes it can affect your time in the gym. If it is encircling your arm, yes you should probably take some time off from training, if you actually care about how your tattoo is going to turn out. You want to concentrate on letting your skin heal, you need to keep your tat covered with a bandage and bathed in Bacitracin or other ointment.

A friend of mine told me when I mentioned getting a Tat to write down in your training log exactly what you want and date it. Set a time frame(six month or a year whatever) and after that time if it still sounds like a good idea go for it! I have done this numerous time and have only two. I still like them and know I always will. As to the pain or stopping training…Some pussies stop training because they got a papercut, other work through bulging disks. Suck it up! Be a T-MAN and don’t let anything stop you from training. (Except for that cutie in the spandex, but hey hotel pushups are good cardio…right!?)

A tattoo hurts about like a bad sunburn.
I don’t bandage mine because they don’t heal well that way.

I take the bandage off as soon as I get home from getting the work done. I use antibacterial soap and wash off the blood (and ink)before it clots into a scab and then I leave it open to the air. If you wash all the potential scab material off while it’s soft you heal faster, don’t itch, and don’t have to worry about the scabs peeling and taking ink with them. The only real treatment besides careful washing is for the first 5 days or so I only wear white cotton over the area. My tattoos healed nicely and have vivid detail.

Dirty needles are something to worry about if you get your tattoo in prison, the back of a van, or in someone’s house. If you go to a studio they use sterile needles that are thrown away afterward. The ink is dispensed into disposable cups and tossed if there is any left so cross contamination isn’t an issue there. The major threat of disease is from the guy doing the tattoo and what he does and doesn’t touch with his gloved hand. If he’s going through a lot of gloves, isn’t answering the phone every ten minutes, etc. then you’re good to go.

What the hell is a chode…?

I’ve got a Celtic Band around my right upper arm, does that make me a chode…?

I don’t give a f*** what other people think, I didn’t get my tatoo’s for other people. I got them for myself.

My latest one is my sons name and date of birth on my right forearm, I going to get some tribal design added to it also…

My left forearm is waiting for our next child… haha…


It shoudn’t affect your training,there may be a little discomfort, as the tatoo will scab over initially(lasts about a week or so).You just need to keep it moist all the time.A&D ointment is good for that. Get any one you want(the hell with everyone else),just make sure of your choice,since getting rid of them is no fun.

A temp only lasts 4 - 7 days (depending on how often you shower). I would suggest finding something original. If you can’t, find someone who can draw and explain to them what you are looking for. Their perspective of what you want might be a little different from yours and the results could be good. I have 12 tats total, with the oldest being 19 years old. I still like each and every one of them. They are all original or modified to fit my tastes. A good tattoo artist will be able to take something off the wall and make any changes you want before you get the work done. Don’t settle for something you aren’t completely comfortable with. Also, find a reputable artist and have them open the new needles in front of you. there is a risk of blood poisoning or worse. Check out the place while you are waiting. If it is neat and clean, chances are it will be o.k.
Good Luck.

On another note, the soreness lasts about 3 -4 days. If you keep a small amount of anti-bacterial ointment on it at all times, it should keep the scabs from cracking while you work out. Your only set back will be the soreness on the spot where you get it.

Steely that was good advice…

Havent heard “Chode” in awhile, I’m going to use it at least twice today.

I tried to donate blood after 9/11 and was unable due to the tat I had gotten within the year. I believe with was because of potential Hepatitis-C.