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Tattoos on Fighters


Hispanic fighters seem to have a lot of ink. Anyone know why? Is it because they're in gangs or what?


FYI: HH is a notorious troll. Best to ignore his posts. Let them fall to the bottom of the page.

There is no irony in posting - once - that one should ignore his posts. :wink:


Thanks CALaw I was about to lose my shit lol


If you had any brains at all, you'd notice that I only troll in the non-serious forums (PWI and GAL). Have you ever seen me troll in here?

Too many guillotine tap outs there, bro?


Why? If you look at the websites, the Hispanic guys all carry a lot of ink. All I asked was 'Why?'.


Tattoos increase hand speed by 20%. Anderson Silva is blocked by international treaties from getting tattoos. If he managed to get ink, the fallout would be disasterous. It would be like dividing by zero.


You're right it's because every Hispanic fighter is in a gang.


I bet Fedor's lack of tattoos is not coincidence also...


The United States government has stated that it views Fedor getting tattoos as a First Strike and would launch its full nuclear arsenal against Russia in such an event.


Fedor is not human, but a cyborg and his skin a synthetic material that does not allow for tattooing.


he and his brother made a deal years back. Fedor wins the fights, Alexander gets the ink. Seems to be the case thus far.


Go to the UFC or WEC websites and the Hispanic fighters all have a shitload of ink. Is it a cultural thing, to get all those tats?

Look at the pic I posted above. The guy has his name tattoed on his chest. WTF would anyone do that?




maybe a better question and far less racist in tone would have been why are the majority of MMA fighters tatted up so much?

My answer would be cause they like to be.


Is it me or is every one from the midwest that post in this forum a stupid fuck.

thanks claw






...this could go on forever..


Big Boss
those are white dudes, I didnt know they get ink too


apparently they eat food,too.


How about tattoos of yourself on your back.

Isn't that the ultimate form of gangster scribe?