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Tattoos In Bodybuilding


I saw a post about people showing off thier tattoos. Personally, I think tattoos have no place in bodybuilding. All the greatest dont have tattoos, Arnold, Zane, Metzer, Coleman, Cutler, Lou none of those guys had tattoos....why? Cuz If me and you step on stage, and you got a tattoo of a dragon, or a demon, or hitler, or a devil on your quad, chest or back.... and I got a perfect tan and no tattoos, I got you beat, even if I was smaller and had less definition. Why? Cuz bodybuilding is about everything... Skin, simitry, and even everything down to your hair cut and how white your teeth are.

Ben weider would even say that you should look perfect in everyway when you step on stage. Even if you think having mom with a heart around it looks cool, it aint other peoples idea of perfection. and this sport is about struggle, pain and perfection.


That all depends on whether you are engaged in this sport to compete or for your own personal satisfaction.

Ink is inherently personal, no matter what drives the decision of what, where, and why to get something permanent on your body. Most people would say their tatts define them or remind them of something of importance in their lives.

I do find that a large majority of ink I see on people detracts from their appearance or physique, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they have no place in bodybuilding.

Can you prove that people without tatts consistently place over people with them?


So was my tattoo.


Tats are a personal choice and it doesn't matter whether or not you think they have no place in BB. Why can't someone have them and lift at the same time?


Cause all of us with tattoos have demons, hitlers, and devils only right?

You sound like a horse's ass. Go away.


And since when did anyone have to give a flying fuck about your idea of perfection, or anyone else's?

If you are going to post such assinine crap, then at least have a valid argument.


Nice post...what in the hell makes you think anyone here gives a shit what you think about tats or where they do or don't belong? Totally and utterly pointless.


What's all this hate on tat's? They are a work of art, and mine took years to design. Just like how it's taking years to design my body the way I want.

That comment is prejudice and ignorant to say the least.


Amen, 5.5 hours of pain and it was worth every second. That's just for one.

Too bad, I thought this was going to be a cool thread when I saw "Tattoo's in Bodybuilding" shakes head Such a shame.


What is simitry?


[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
animal4life wrote:
Even if you think having mom with a heart around it looks cool, it aint other peoples idea of perfection. .

And since when did anyone have to give a flying fuck about your idea of perfection, or anyone else's?

are you going to say that to the judges in your competition? "who gives a flying fuck what u judges think?!?" funny


sorry...i meant Symmetry. please forgive me spelling police.


Regardless of what I think, you will look like a complete Jackass stepping on stage with that shit on you next to someone with flawless skin. Plus, do you want to know known as the guy with "insert your tattoo here", instead of the guy with the biggest, biceps or whatever.

In addition, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... the beholder is the person looking at you. For example, a girl can be totally hot, but if she has a tattoo of Satan on her chest and a swastika on her face, im not gonna wanna touch her.


Im sorry, but did "Manimal4life" just quote Weider?

Was there a Weider Soft-And-Supple Skin Principle?


Somehow I think she doesn't want to touch you either.

Your argument is still an opinion. So therefore no one has to give a fuck what you think.


In all honesty, bodyuilding will have to change with the times just like society has. Tattoos don't have the same stigma as they used too. They will have even less stigma in ten years.

Not too mention in a "sport" full of scandals, and men who have enough juice in them to kill a horse, a ban on tattoos is pretty hypocritical.


What is this guy's fascination with satan and Hitler?


I could have sworn I have seen tats not only on some top pro's but on some of the top natural pros....


Dorian Yates had tattoos.....


Dorian Yates had tattoos...