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Tattoos - I Dont Know


you're getting the River Rat arent you? lol


I hear it's the "if you run, you'll only die tired" one. XD


gregron - How'd you know? Seriously though, a lot of frogs have the frog skeleton tattooed on them, I'm planning to do a rat skeleton. A lot of the old guys have the river rat, usually from really cheap artists and they look like crap. BTW, how'd you know about the little guy?

The other one will be (probably after I get out) the numbers of the two teams I've been at in Roman numerals, with the emblems from each Det overlayed. Haven't had it drawn up yet, but what I'm picturing should look cool (at least to me), and should fit nicely on the inside of my bicep.


Don't. It's worse than crack. I have a half sleeve, a quarter sleeve, one my stomach, more on my back, the Superman (Christopher Reeves style) and a couple on my legs. Every time I sit down for four hours I think it's gonna be the last time. NOPE!

If you do decide to get it, then get whatever the hell you want. It's YOUR ink on YOUR body. The meaning is yours, the blood, money, and time are yours. You don't have to explain it to anyone, even though you'll feel compelled to so.

I would say don't get military ink. Except for SF and retirees, very few can pull it off. Marines only get a pass because it's a cliche.

Kids' names are always good. I like the aforementioned hand print idea. Mine are all stylized into my shoulders.


dude tattoo are forever, thing thoroughly before doing it. I regret nothing while doing mine and yes, it IS addicting.

I will still do a full back.


What to get?
You should think long and hard about what to get. Then think some more. Then think even more. Get something that means something to you, not just for the sake of it. It will be with you forever. Once you've thought about the right image, keep looking for the right way to portray it.

Get it done by whom?
Get a recommendation for an artist, for you it could mean traveling to another state. Pick the right artist.

I've had two done so far, thought about a third, wasn't happy with what I thought, so I'm going to continue thinking about it till I find the right design or vision.

Pain is relative, for me tattoos are more about me, it's a spiritual thing in a way, an experience, so I'll wait to do it right.


I've got a few buddies that have the bone frog tattoo... One has it on his back and the foot creeps up his neck. When he's wearing a shirt it looks like a chickens foot on his neck lol.

You are getting the river rat? On your calf? Are the roman numerals gonna be XX and XXII?


If you have to ask this, you are not ready for a tattoo.
Like said before, it is permanent!

The pain isn't that bad. I have one on the inside of my biceps/triceps that was itching / burning.
The one on my shoulder was painless.

If you really want to go on with this, and put on your body what someone on the internet suggests, by all means..

Get Hello Kitty...


This thread is a gem.
Tribal garbage and Asian characters for everybody!


I always felt a tattoo should be either embarrassing and/or funny because that never goes out of style.

Be careful of words in your tattoos.





Tattoos don't 'hurt'. Neither does the laser treatment that removes them(feels like someone flicking you with a rubber band). What hurts? Fractured pelvis, kneecap, femur, vertebrae, herniated discs etc.


Agreed. My uncle, who was in the Black Watch, had a number of humorous tattoos including 'Made In Scotland' tattooed in a circle around his bellybutton (in the event he stepped on a mine or was otherwise unidentifiably killed at war) and a pair of eyes tattooed on his ass cheeks with 'Peek a boo' written on his lower back.

The embarassment on my aunt's face when he pulled the ol eyes out at family/friendly gatherings never got old lol. I'm sure there must be a couple hundred photo albums out in the world with my uncle's ass somewhere amongst strangers holiday pics. =P


Nowadays everyone has fucking tattoos, and if you do get one dont get one to be different or to be a badass because everyone and their mother (literally) has them, coming from a guy who is covered in em.

They hurt, yes some spots more than others but anybody who says they dont are just trying to be a tough guy or girl. I actually blew chunks with my work on my chest and neck.

Get it for the right reasons, for yourself but definitely not be different....because you'll end up looking like everyone else.


Quality face example of michael myers from my artist..

If you don't know, don't do it.

It took me forever to figure out what my second tattoo would be. I'm in the middle of one now that when finished I will have logged 20-25 hours. The first sitting was 5 hours. The second 4.5. We are inking every two weeks.Thursday will be another 5 hours. Sure it hurt, right around hour 5. Anyone that says it doesn't is either a freak or lying. It also depends where as far as pain. Mine is full of detail and shading so there is ALOT of running over the same areas.. at the end we add the color. It is bio-mech/moto-mech.

I'm doing left pec, shoulder cap, half left sleeve. Hour five was brutal. Felt like my nipple was being ripped of at times!! I relate the last hour to holding something VERY hot for a minute, then running a wire brush over the area. More detail and layer shading equals more pain.

Find a GREAT artist. They are more expensive but well worth it. My artist free hands 90% of the time.

Though I would never get someones face, a good way to tell the artist ability is that if they can ink a perfect face, they know their shit. See above.

Good luck.


Maybe she likes golden showers.


Ok that sounds painful but as you say - it's dependant on where you get it done and how much work is involved. I guess my pussy tattoos, which just went numb after about half an hour weren't so bad, but they didn't really involve shading and great detail. Certainly nothing on the scale that you've described.

Great tattoo artist by the way! I don't get why someone would actually get Mike on their body, but, it's an awesome Mike. :stuck_out_tongue:


just get something badass, pic relevant its a badass tattoo.


Mine is better Kerly.


come at me bro?