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Tattoos - I Dont Know


I want to get my first. (Hell yeah it's gonna hurt!) Right? It has to hurt...:slightly_smiling: Anyways....any suggestions on what I should pick. I'm guessing somethiong related to the military, or LE as I've been doing that for 30 years. ????? I don't know


If you have to ask people on the internet what to get tattooed on your body, then you probably shouldn’t be getting a tattoo in the first place…



And think it through, trust me you don’t want to get a tattoo that you are gonna regret later. I have a couple tattoos right now that I really regret.


ask a random japanese guy to draw you a character that is cool that means “king” or “courage”…


[quote]glap1950 wrote:
(Hell yeah it’s gonna hurt!) Right? It has to hurt…:slight_smile: [/quote]

squats hurt more!


why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?


Hello Kitty


JaseHcX…You could be right. It’s just something I’m toying with. Maybe I’m not serious enough about it. Thanks for the comment.

X2…thanks as well. I have heard that from guys on the job


hahahaha…gregron…point taken…:slight_smile:


a better question to people with tattoos, is not what they suggest you get, but how they came up with their tattoo idea (if they had an artist draw one up). That could maybe help you with some inspiration for how to come up with a tattoo you can call ‘your own’ so that it fits you as a person.


[quote]glap1950 wrote:
(Hell yeah it’s gonna hurt!) Right? It has to hurt…:slight_smile: [/quote]

Depends how long you have to sit. The first 2-3 hours aren’t too bad. After that, it’s pure hell.


[quote]gregron wrote:
why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari? [/quote]

To be ironic.
Your kid really is special and it is honorable to make the honor roll.
Your other car is a fighter jet.


Get this…


unicorn jumping over a rainbow is always a win


Ummmm, it sounds like you just wanna get ink to prove you’re a hardass or something, that can put up with a little pain. Having been under the needle for around 16 hours total, I can tell you it hurts…but big fucking deal. That doesn’t “prove” horseshit. Way I look at ink, you get it because it’s about something you love, or something that looks cool, simple as that. In my case, tribal, bio-mech, and a lifting related tat. The shit’s permanent. Don’t get it on a whim.


Get one of a hairy chest and a six-pack.


[quote]BARDUKE wrote:
ask a random japanese guy to draw you a character that is cool that means “king” or “courage”…[/quote]

Here’s a warning on going with this idea…


A doctor suess quote in another language




I recommend the refrigerator test. If you find something you like and might want inked, get a copy of it and hang it on the fridge or someplace you will see it multiple times per day. If after minimum 3-4 months (the original recommendation was 6) you still really like it and want it done, then go for it. I have never followed that one myself, but aside from my first one (typical tribal band with yin yang, working on getting rid of it) which I got in Oz, I don’t regret any of them. I kind of wish I had come up with an orignal dragon drawing instead of the one I got, but I still like it.

And if you are going to get kanji, make sure you know what it means FOR SURE. I have kanji on my back, a remnant from my MMA days, and I have the framed piece of paper with the original script on it in old style kanji, which was supposedly done by some old dude in Japan (I got it done in Guam). It says, ‘Live as a man, Die as a man, Be a man’, and I have had random Japanese people read it to me (always funny, as if they think I don’t know what it really says).

Best tip: come up with art that means something to you, and have it drawn up by a good tattoo artist. That is the deal with my latest, St Michael killing Lucifer (yeah, I know I’m not the first to get that, but mine is drawn a little different from the typical scene). I have my kids handprints on my chet over my heart, and I have plans for two more down the road. Both will be related to what I do, but only one of them will be ‘sort of’ blatantly military.