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Tattoos & Bulking/Cutting

Hi I’m planning on bulking up for the next 12 months and then cutting after it but I’m planning on getting a tattoo for my left arm shoulder and chest. Would getting a tattoo right now distort it after my bulk and cut or would I be alright getting one right now even although I’ll be bulking and then cutting. Looking for people that can offer me personal advice or who have had a similar situation. Thanx.

I have a quarter sleeve, had it done at 170. Been as heavy as 200 and as light as 165 in the years since i had it done, doesnt make much of a difference. Now if you weigh 115 amd bulk to 220 yeah it will distort. My artist told me when you grow it tends to stretch evenly, the real problem os a big or fat person getting a larger deatiled piece, then shrinking dramatically causing the work to scruntch up.