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Tattoos and Tipping


What's an appropriate tip for a tattoo? I ask because tattoo prices vary wildly at different shops. I usually tip 20% of the price. I think that's fair but should you base your tip on price, time, or a combination of both?

Last night I got a 320 dollar piece, but only tipped 60 bucks. This was a 5 hour tattoo, and it came out good, but I felt like maybe I undertipped.

Anyways, What are your thoughts?

BTW I'm bored out of my skull right now ao I thought I would start a totally useless thread for shits and giggles.


ive always tipped 20%. except one time i knew the guy and he gave me 50% off so i just kinda gave him a good lump of cash for taking care of me.


60 is nice tip for a 300 buck tattoo


that would be 20% lol


You tip the tattoo artist?



I'd base the size of the tip on the quality of the tattoo.


Um, they are not a waiter. Why would you tip an artist more than he charges? If you want to give them more money go back for more work.


The best tip I ever gave a tattoo artist was when I told one that he should keep the fact that he's hungover as shit and only slept for 3 hours to himself until he's done with the piece.


Well you tip a Tattoo artist because they usually pay a pretty decent chunk of the price of the tattoo to the house if they don't own the place. Around here, the best place to get a tattoo just rents out spaces to artists who are good, and I think I remember the tattoo guy I got say that the average rate for the house is 50-60% of the tattoo fees.


That is a stupid reason not to give them a tip. If the artist does a really good job, why would you not want to tip them? Something permanent on your body is a little more important than the food you ate for dinner.

Not only that, the artist i went to sketched out the piece for free after i gave him the idea on what i wanted.

As far as a tip, on my half sleeve i recently got done it took five visits to get it done. My tattoo artist doesn't like to sit on the same piece for more than two hours at a time. The prices ranged from $60 a visit to $100. I tipped him $20 each time, except the last time i tipped him $40 because i was so pleased with the final product. Probably under $500 dollars for almost a complete half sleeve. Definately got hooked up with a good price and that is why i felt like tipping generously.


Tip? LOL.


I had once asked an artist about tipping and he said that he didn't expect a tip as the shop owner but some artists working for shops like tips, although they don't expect them.

When I have an appointment, I'll show up early and ask everyone in the shop if they want coffee or something else from the local coffee shop or I can make a deli run. I buy for everyone, other customers too. I think the last time I did that it ran me like $30 but they appreciated it. I've taken artists out to the diner or bar for drinks after they closed.



Exactly what I had in mind.


I get tatted in my living room and payment is in the form of absinthe shots and marijuana upon completing the work

but I'd totally tip an actual tat artist, i tip everyone from cab drivers to plumbers to bartenders


In England... We have no notion of giving a tip :wink:


Whatever you decide is the right choice.


please Post a pic of this 350 dollar piece. Just curious. I really never heard of anyone tipping tattoo artists as I thought it was already somewhat expensive for their fees anyways!! Then again I haven't got a tattoo yet:/. I think 60 bucks was generous as you're already paying him at the minimum at least 140-160 bucks if he rents out.


My tattoo cost 60 quid an hour. The tattoo artist can go fuck himself if he thinks he's getting more money on top of that.


you don't really use percentages for it but i guess it is 20%. seriously, if he's a decent artist he's making bank, tips aren't expected or guaranteed but if he's cool and you might return you should give something but you don't have too.


Yeah, but you limeys have no notion of toothpaste either.