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Tattoos and Bodybuilding


My goal for the future is to compete in some national-caliber bodybuilding competitions, such as in the NPC. However, I would also like to get some tattoos - one on my left pec, as well as a large one across my traps. Will these tattoos affect my placement in competitions? If they are going to have a negative impact on judges then I will definitely not get inked. Anyway, what are your guys's thoughts on this subject?


There have been a bunch of threads debating this. Search for them.



PM animal4life, he'll give you the straight goods on Tattoos and Bodybuilding.

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I, for one, think tattoos are disgusting and anyone who gets one is obviously a criminal. All tattoos might as well read "I kill people". Tattoos ARE NOT ART!

Just thought I'd throw that out there because it's bound to happen eventually.


You forgot to mention Hitler and Satan.

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Actually, I'm moe concern about how my tatt would look if my biceps got bigger..


I have never seen a tattoo distort on a muscular body. My shoulders are significantly bigger than when I first got mine and there has been no change to the image. Unless you are doing something crazy like those guys pumping synthol into their arms, that is something I wouldn't even worry about.

Beyond that, you need to consider what you are even getting one for, what it means to you, and whether you will like where you put it 20 years from now.


It's not noticed but alot of Bodybuilders have tatoos it's just when your greased up or have tanner on they are hard to see. I figure as long as you don't go crasy and have them all over you shouldn't have any troubles.