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Tattoos and Body Growth!


i'm thinking to do someday in near future maybe a small tattoo on my back. how much do you think gaining body weight will stretch the tattoes?
does anyone had an tattoo and then gained lots of muscles? how was the tat after skin stretch?


I seriously doubt you'll gain enough mass to really stretch it out.



well depends on the area too and what body training emphasis you have


No it doesn't. The average person will NEVER have to worry about this unless they somehow put on over 200lbs. I got tats on both shoulders back when I weighed about 80lbs less. Needless to say, my shoulders have grown quite a bit since then and my tats are not distorted at all.

The chances of the OP having such insane genetics as to worry about this are slim to none unless we have a young Greg Kovacs on our hands and he plans on weighing over 400lbs in the future.


Dorian Yates got most of his tattoos when he was a moderately-built teenager and they seemed to hold up well throughout his career.


I was always curious about this... good to finally know!!