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Tattoos and AAS

The other week I was starting my forearm sleeve, and my artist made a comment asking me if I used preworkout a lot. He was saying the ink wasn’t absorbing into my skin as well as it would for most people, and it could be because of high blood flow due to preworkout. Well, I was on TBOL 40mg a day aswell as test, so could this be the issue? I’m guessing it was. This should probably be something you guys keep in mind, cause you could end up paying an extra couple hundred dollars if you get tatted lol!

I have 2 sleeves that are almost done. Out of everybody I’ve seen with Newer quality stuff, mine is by far the worst. My body literally eats color. It had to be packed in twice as much than any other person my artists have and they are always amazed how much my body has “eatin”. I’m on TRT and use pre workout and cialis. If I could go back in time I’d get something totally different or nothing.

So you think it had a negative impact on the end product quality aswell?

My skin, 110%. Now the question is wether I’m just genetically ungifted, or it’s the drugs. Probably just crappy skin. I have all the genes No one would want so it makes sense I’d have that one.

Were you actively on the cialis in the days leading up to/day of the sessions getting inked?

I’m sure I was. Anywhere from 10-80mg

I was on TBOL which I definitely think was a factor. My tattoo took around 10 hours but should’ve been more like 7-8. I have another session in about a month so I’m definitely not gonna be on anything besides test leading up to it.