Tattoos Affect on Judging

I am planning on entering some natural bodybuilding competitions in the near future and also planning on get some more ink, possibly full upper arm sleeves. I was wondering how much this is likely to affect scoring? Also if cover up makeup is allowed in competition and if there are any that would work well, especially with oil.

Tattoo the whole area that would normally be covered by your posing trunks black.

You’ll get a black dong, and save money on posing shorts, AND get some sweet ink.


I’ve seen guys in shows do just fine with tats. As long as your tan is dark enough, in the pics and vids I’ve watched from my own experiences, they tend to fade a lot under the stage lighting. The Middleweight who took 2nd in the open at the show I did in May had a bunch of tats over his chest/shoulder area, and I didn’t even notice at first because of his coloring (fake tan) and posing oil. Of course there were a few other competitors who had paler coloring, and their tats were a lot more visible.


I can barely see mine in pics. I am sure they would be damn near invisible with tanning oil on…as are many of these guys’ tats. They tan so much now that any discolorations are nearly unnoticeable.

As long as it isn’t a Lee Priest style face tat then it will probably have so much tanner over it they won’t even notice it.

You can always go to one of the shows and ask the judges

Thanks for the input. I have looked at some pics and agree they are usually not too noticeable, bwadDed not sure if it would appear the same in person. Def not gonna hold back on the ink now.

Yah the same with me. I got 2 tats and a friend who competed has the same amount and did well.