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Tattooing Over Stretch Marks

Ive been thinking about getting inked for years now and now that Ive developed some ugly-ass stretch marks on my left bicep has finally spurred me into action.

Ive read/heard mixed reports about getting tattoos to cover stretch marks; in some cases it works great, in others it looks bad.

Anyone here have any info/advice?

BTW Ive had stretch marks on my legs for as long as I can remember and I know its to be expected when gaining size. But a bright red line right down my pale irish arm looks bloody terrible!!

I got the majority of my body tattooed starting at 18, i’m almost 23 now and almost 50 pounds heavier. I can guess how stretch marks will cover up only based on how stretch marks changed my work. It really isn’t that noticble. Which is good.

If it was a stretch mark right down the middle of a geometric design, yes, it wold be noticble, but in an organic design (like mine, dragon coiling around my whole body) its not noticible at all.

I found that liberally covering myself in coccoa butter daily helps the marks heal and also limits the impact with new ones. I recently just blew some new marks into my chest and shoulders and they arn’t nearly as bad as when i didn’t treat them at all.

Also, make sure to go to a very reputable tattoo artist, a talented artist will be able to work around and problems and even possible encorporate them. I hope that helps.

I’m not sure about the tattooing part, but I do know that new stretch marks are bright red, but they will fade to a light silvery color with time. They don’t stay red forever. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting guys.

My only concern is that the marks on my leg have turned a lightish purple colour and Ive had them for years so Ive no reason to believe that the new ones will fade to the light silverly colour.

To tattoo them properly would maybe take a solid block of colour as opposed to detailed work. I wanted to avoid tribal type designs and get something totally original but maybe now something tribal would be my best bet.

If anyone else has any advice I’d love to hear.

[quote]SamuraiWannaBe wrote:

I found that liberally covering myself in coccoa butter daily helps the marks heal and also limits the impact with new ones.

I 2nd this… not drenching yourself maybe, but daily applicantion of cocoa butter will help meld the stretch marks into your skin… give it a good 2 weeks to show the results, and i’ll recommend the ‘body shop’ brand’s cocoa butter (cause thats what i’ve used).

good luck.

Best thing to do, would be go and talk to several tattoo artists. See what they have done over stretch marks and possibly even scars. And just find one who you are comfortable with.

Mine (on legs and shoulders) have done exactly the same thing. They were purple for ages and have just recently faded completely to the silvery colour. I’ve got celtic genes as well, so you might get complete fading in time.