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Tattoo Virgin - T-Nation Contest


I have decided that I am going to get a T-Nation Tattoo!!!

I have never gotten a Tattoo before and was planning on getting it on my Right Shoulder..

I would like the T-Nation logo with a combination of contrasting Red and Black... My skin has a Pinkish hue to it since I started tanning(I am not as Damn pale as my pic shows)So please keep that in Mind .

Are there any PhotoShop masters out there that can whip me up an AWESOME DESIGN!!! If so, please post them on this thread. :slight_smile:

YOUR REWARD? Your work will be put on MY BODY FOREVER and will be photoed and Displayed for all T-Nation members to see..


Seriously man, no offense, but why would anyone go through a bunch of time an effort for this? If you want a tattoo designed, go to a tattoo artist and schedule a design consultation.


Think twice fedorov. I thought my "Men's Health" tattoo was a good idea in 1997.


You might want to ask RainJack how much he still loves his.


as a tattooer i wouldnt suggest you getting a T-Nation tattoo on you. not that T-Nation isnt the best website on earth but getting any logo corporate or otherwise tattooed on you forever is not a good idea. you will probably end up hating it (like many people who have a band logo or a nike swoosh etc. do) after a few years.

if your bent on getting it done go to a good and most importantly sanitary tattooer and they will be able to do a drawing for you that will fit well on the body part you want to get tattooed. just take the logo with it and tell them what you want to have done and if theyre not capable of that then leave and go somewhere else..

a couple other tips;
make sure that the shop has an autoclave and that everything the tattooer touches has a barrier film on it or can be thrown away or sterilized. theres a lot of nasty shit you can get from a bad tattooer and its not that hard to open a tattoo shop in most parts of the world, wether you have knowledge of standard porcedures concerning bloodborne pathogens.

anyways if you have any questions feel free to pm me and im sure i can point you to a tattooer in your area that is right for the job.. sorry for rambling and i hope this helps....