Tattoo removal

Anyone tried this ? Are you pleased with the
results, is it a single procedure or several
laser treatments ?

The results vary with each individual. It takes multiple treatments and the treatments only effect dark pigments. I’ve had two treatments so far on a couple of tattoos that I got over 15 years ago. Portions of the tattoos have now faded away, but by no means are they gone. Also, hope your pain threshold is good, because the treatment hurts more than the tattoo ever did.

My girlfriend has been going through the treatments for about 8 months now. It’s a 10 step laser process. After 10 treatments, if the tattoo isn’t removed, they’re free of charge. The results so far are amazing. I really believe they will be gone with NO SCARRING,(spelling). The only problem is, they hurt like hell!! I have to convince her everytime to go back, because she’s acting like a baby and says she won’t ever go again.

Two words:cover up. Getting a tattoo you like better over the one you don’t want is less painful and less expensive than the laser route. When younger people ask me about tattoos I make sure and tell them “It really doesn’t matter much what you get but you better be damn sure about where you want it. The what can be changed, the where is a lot harder.” That parrot on the side of your neck might be cool now but you may have trouble climbing the corperate ladder with a tattoo that isn’t covered by business attire.

hey man,
I’ve had two tattoos removed by laser treatment and it is a very effective method of removal. Just make sure that your doctor uses a RUBY laser ans check out his before and after tattoo pictures. My tatties were completely gone after 7 treatment. The total cost was almost 1000 bucks. Most doctors charge per “shot” from the laser, roughly working out to 10 times what you paid to have them put on. As far as pain, its a lot more intense than geting them, that’s for sure! It feels life someone firing a BB gun into your skin for 100 shots, and your skin will smell like AFX track after its been used too long. I don’t want to talk you out of it though because it works and I’m glad i did it.

tried to take one a mine off with a blowtorch. accidently burnt part of my wigg off too. be careful, seriously – you will probably need several lazer treatments depending of course how large an area the doc has to work with. try to go to someone who “specializes” in this procedure.