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Tattoo Removal


I have a tatt with my wife's name on it that I want to get removed. She passed 5 years ago, and while its a tasteful tatt and we had a wonderful marriage, now that I'm moving on, women are finding it a turn off even after I explain why I still have it. Its not like we had a bad break up, I was with her right up to her last breath. Anybody removed a tatt? Got something that worked well and cheaper than laser?


Cover it up with a new piece of ink?


No I do not.... but I wanted to ask.

Do you actually want the tattoo removed from your body, or only doing it at the request of a new lady friend?


I'm afraid this thread is likely headed for a shit storm. I'm sorry I can't help. I've never looked into getting any of my tats removed. From what I understand they leave a scar at best no matter what the treatment is.

A better option might be to get a tattoo that covers the original. I've seen some impressive transformation tattoos.

I won't get into whether you should remove it or not (that's where the shit storm will likely come in). Unless you ask for opinions anyway.

Sorry for you loss,



I'm very sorry for your loss.

A good artist will be able to do a cover-up a lot cheaper, and that will end up looking a lot better, than any sort of removal.


Not a request from another woman. I'm just considering the feelings of her (nobody right now) How would she feel being with me with another womans name on my body? How long would she put up with explaining why I have another womans name on my body to her friends? If I haven't removed it after 5 years because I can't move on?

Like I said, I had a great marriage and I waited 10 years beffore I got it to start with. And really, do I still have it because I can't move on? I'm considering a woman's thoughts plus if its a hang up for me. And it would be hard to cover up because its inside the tatt itself. To cover it up I would have to destroy the tatt.


Let us say hypothetically that I was with a good woman and I lost her because of some disease....

I would keep the tattoo until the day I died and if some skanks had a problem with it....

Fuck them, neh?


She is a part of you.

A woman of quality will understand that.

If you do not keep it for no other reason, it will weed out the immature girls from the women.

Do you want a little hussy that demands that you erase your past?


I'll tell you how she'd feel. If she's the type that can't handle the fact that you got your wife's name tattooed on you and want to keep it even after she has died, she's going to handle the tattoo a lot better than she'll handle you telling her that you've actually fucked other women before.


On a sort of separate note, I was at the gym yesterday and I saw this group of three guys come in. They looked to be anywhere between about 18 and 20, and they looked like pretty innocent kids. But two of them had tattoos on their forearms and one of them had a tattoo on their neck, above the collar line.

Is it just me, or have these guys completely blown their chances of getting hired at all sorts of places strictly due to their ink? I know it's not nearly as taboo as it used to be, but it seems to me that it's pretty fucking stupid to get a tattoo that can't at least be covered up by a short-sleeve shirt before you've even started your career. These guys have basically narrowed down their potential careers quite a bit. I don't know, maybe more employers don't care than I realize. I have tattoos on my back, but I've always felt that I would never get one if I couldn't cover it up with a t-shirt, or unless I was already locked into a permanent job that I loved and made good money in that I knew tattoos wouldn't be an issue for.


Grabs popcorn this has potential.


Where is the tatt and how big? do you have any others


What do you want? If you find someone that cares and understands about you at a deeper level something like that would not phase her, just be honest with yourself though and figure out if YOU want to keep it or not.. That is all that matters really


Your wife left deeper marks than just a tattoo and it will definately show in any relationship you have from here on. If they can't accept your tattoo what do you think will happen when you accidently call them your dead wife's name? I'm not saying it will be easy for any future companion you have, but a good person would understand it. Personally, the only way I'd ever date/marry somebody who was previously married is if she was a widow. Staying faithful to somebody until the very bitter end is a quality THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE LACKING. Be proud. If anything just have "In Loving Memory" put next your wife's name. It might save you some explaining further down the road.

You originally thought her name was good enough to have on your body forever. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.


I see people with tattoos on their necks all day long at work..... IN PRISON.


Tough call. As someone that has their wife's name on his leg I would never get rid of it if I find myself in your shoes. If a new person cannot understand and be sympathetic to the love I had for the woman I devoted myself to then I would probably not care what they thought.


Now this could be a problem.

Good luck OP you are in a bad situation and everyone really does sympathize with your situation.


Mark Wahlberg started getting his tattoos removed around 2 years ago. He was on Letterman and talked about the whole thing; how it hurts like hell and is a long and arduous process requiring frequent laser appointments for an extended period of time. I'm not sure if he's still getting the laser removal procedures more than 2 years out when he started.

However, I believe he had multiple tattoos he removed/is removing, whereas you only have one, so the process many not be as comprehensive and timely. Still, Walhberg insinuated in the Letterman interview that you still have to make multiple visits to remove even a single tattoo. It'd be interesting to see the statistics on the difference in rate between inking a tattoo and removing one. I wouldn't be surprised if the ratio was 3-5: 1 for removal: inking. I'm sure you can do your own research on the internet and find the appropriate authorities to consult.

Here's the Walhberg Letterman interview:

EDIT: Yeah, he's had over 30 treatments and was still slated for more by the sounds of it, at the time of that interview.


BTW, his reasons were career and children. Your particular situation is delicate. My opinion, for whatever it is worth, is that you should go with whatever is in your gut. Don't second guess yourself. If you want to remove the tattoo, just do it, don't dwell on why, just understand that your love for your wife goes beyond what's visible on your skin.

All you are is a product of your mind, as you grow older your body will deteriorate and your skin will become loose, but hopefully you can retain the memories in your mind that are the true source of your happiness.


Forearm tattoos are easy to cover up, especially with a long sleeve shirt. I've known numerous people with really good jobs that just wear long sleeve shirts at their work to cover it up. Now neck tattoos are just dumb. My rule is nothing past the wrist or on the head and neck.

Also as far as the OP goes. That sucks man, but if I was in your situation I wouldn't remove the tattoo. I'm guessing it is in a more visible area if you think it is causing problems.