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I'm getting my first tattoo pretty soon, and i've narrowed down what I want to three choices. I plan on eventually probably getting all of them, but for my first one, what do you think? I knoe it should be my choice, its going to be there forever.. but, just curious.

The first one is the aegishjulmar, second is the valknot, and the third is the three horns of Odin.




Post the other designs when you can, I'd like to see them.

Are you going to get it in that color? Or black? Where will the tats be placed? What is the significance of the symbol to you? What artist will be doing the work?

I think it could look very cool, but that depends on who does it.


Barb wirs around your arm, or the "Tazmanian Devil" dressed in the uniform of your favorite sports team, or your work uniform (especially if you are a cop or firefighter). Those are the classics, and look cool on anybody.


Well, in my opinion you've chosen well, at least if you're of Nordic Descent. I myself will probably get a Nordic tattoo at some point. Personally, I might go with the Valknot, though you should really choose which one you are going to tattoo on your body.


I don't like it, but it's your tattoo. As long as you can live with it forever, and not feel like a tool in 20 years because of it.

Don't get something off the wall, and the tough guy armbands/ tribal designs have been really played out as far as smaller tattoos go.

If you dig it though, go for it. Don't worry about what other folks think. I've seen far worse tattoos.


What about a Bugs Bunny in a Firefighter uniform?


I apologize for not posting the otehrs yet, here is the valknot.


And heres the horns of odin. I loike it, but it reminds me of a biohazard symbol for some reason, as well as kinda looking like a "tribal" thing.


As for questions.. It will be in black, whichever one I get, and on my shoulder. I figure its a good "first timer" spot, and its easy to cover and thats important to me as well. Its significant to me becuase im german/northern european, and they were the ones who used to runes. (which is what these symbols are about). Also, not only that, but many of them are very cool looking. The three I posted so far I like the most for my shoulder, but there are more I want for other spots eventually.


Yeah, the Odin does have a slight similarity to the biohazard symbol, but it's personally my favorite out of what you've posted.

Also, I think it would look by far the best on your shoulder out of the 3, since that's where you're planning on having it.

Just my opinion.


I've seen too many barbed wire tattoos on too many frat-curlers to agree.

Seems to me, if Pamela Anderson has the tattoo, then it's not all that cool.


Honestly I'd go with something else, there have gotta be cooler nordic symbols. The only decent looking one is the horns of Odin, and that looks like the Biohazard symbol.


Haha, yep. Last thing I wasnt is people asking why I put the biohazard symbol on my arm, or even thinking I put the biohazard symbol on my arm =P


yeah...um...ok those really don't look cool on anyone and never really did.

Anyways if i were you i would take the designs to a good tattoo artist and let them use their imagination to dress them up a little bit so its not just a cookie cutter type design like you posted. your not an odinist though are you? I always thought that was a skinhead thing.


Be careful with the nordic runes. I almost got a tattoo of Thor's Hammer on my back. Come to find out it is largely associated white supremacy groups and the like. A far cry from the protector of the people as it was originally seen as. Just research the design or idea first, it may have multiple associations and I know that I do not want anything to do with racism or white supremacy regardless of the sweetness of the tattoo. And yes, I am almost solely of Scandanavian decent that is why I wanted it to begin with. Good luck.


Odinism is about as "racist" as the "afika" stuff, so it's grey area. The military actually denotes celtic crosses and the like as "racist gang" tatoos! Sad but true.

I dig the nordic tats alot. Nothing wrong with having pride in one's past heritage. However, if you ever plan on spending any time in prison you WILL be singled out by the white supremist gangs as one of their's...........

Just something to think about.


Nope, not an Odinist. Some of the norse symbols have been adopted as a askinhead thing, such as thor's hammer, but these ones havent. Just showing some heritage with some symbols I like that actually mean something =P.

And to whoever said there must be "cooler" nordic symbols.. hey, i've been looking for as many as I can, and these I like.. you're welcome to look and post if you can find ones you think are cool.


In what branch and what country? Not the USMC in the USA , Not unless things have changed in the past 6 years. I know plenty of people that are still active duty that have celtic crosses and they are not considered "racist" who ever told you that lied.


The Valknot is associated with white supermacy. I wouldn't get that unless you want to frowned upon by the general public.