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I just got my first tattoo yesterday. I think it went really well, and I absolutely love it. I can't stop smiling. The problem is that the guy didn't really give me many aftercare instructions, and it most of the things I had heard about he said didn't matter.

He didn't wrap it afterwards, and said i could pretty much do whatever I wanted with it except i should take off wrestling for a little bit.

Everyone else I talk to has a long laundry list of things that i should and shouldn't do. He gave me this stuff in a little tin called "tattoo goo" and told me to apply it 2-3 times a day.

Some people told me not to shower, so i havent, and others said i shouldnt be sweating so i havent done anything physical. Everyone said lifting would be a terible idea and it would warp the tattoo. I'm also very weary of taking care not to screw up the scab.

I hear that's key to making it look nice. So I don't even want to really apply the goo today because it is starting to scab. How long do I need to wait on these things, and what should I look out for?



He didn't wrap it? That's very odd.

Anyway, apply a light coat of A+D ointment 2-3 times a day for the first 3-5 days, then for the next week or so you can get away with applying it once a day. Keep it out of sunlight, and whatever you do, DO NOT pick the scab.



He should have put something on it and wrapped it when you left. If it's already been overnight then I wouldn't worry about the wrapping part. you do have to keep it moisturized. I can't remember which one is good, it's been a couple years since I got mine. but anyway, keep it moisturized and out of the sun and you'll be ok.


Tattoo care suggestions vary at each place you go into really. Some swear by Tattoo Goo, some vary on lotions. My last tattoo the artist suggested to let it go dry for 3 days before putting lotion on it.

Non-scented of any kind will do the trick but I suggest Lubriderm has always done well on my ink. Keep it out of the sun, do not go into chlorinated water (swimming) for 2 weeks and do not wash the area with a washrag, use fingertips and lightly massage it do not scrub.

DO NOT PICK AT IT!!!!!! let the skin dry and come off naturally. Should all be kewl in a couple weeks.


Oh yeah, don't over moisturize it couple times a day should be good


I've had a lot of success with no fragrance lubriderm. Congrats on first tat, what's it say?


Thanks, i'll keep it moist. I was also suprised he didn't wrap it or anything, but I think he also took me for a much tougher guy than I am, as if I didn't give a crap if it turned out well.

The tattoo wraps around the upper arm and is latin text for "The world is made of fire". Which could come off a little cliche, but it's significant. I was kind of down on my luck with a lot of things going pear shaped, and worst of all was creeping insomnia. I was averaging 1-2 hours sleep and maybe a light nap.

Since I was up more I went to the bookstore and was looking for a good read. It kind of struck me that about 2 years ago I was in the same situation and started training for MMA and everything reversed. So I grabbed "A fighter's heart".

About half way through the author quotes a soldier fighting in the great war (my tattoo quote) "Mundis Ex Igne Factus Est" and captures the idea that Life is born of struggle and striving, that true joy and understanding do not come from comfort and safety, they come from epiphany born in exaustion (and not exhaustion for its own sake) Safety and comfort are mortal dangers to the soul.

He goes on but it's all your pretty typical T-Nation dogma, and while reading I just had this weird little epiphany. That day a made a lot of hard decisions, mostly about college, and a job. The next day I started training for MMA again, it felt amazing. I go to champions gym in Bettendorf, Iowa. Militech Fighting Systems if anybody is a fight fan. Then I went and got this tattoo.

More then anyone wanted to know i'm sure.


What matters is that it's important to you.

I don't have a tattoo but I have two brands and they've got plenty of meaning to me.


Does anyone have an idea when I could be active again. Anything like running, lifting, bag work, grappling?


I have both foreamrs, upper back & shoulders done so far & the only ones that didn't heal for shit are the ones i followed overly complicated directions.
Like Arc, just use unscented lubriderm as often as needed to take the dryness out of it. After 7 - 10 days it'll only take once or maybe twice a day. should be completely healed in no time. Congrats. Bet you can't stop at just one !!!

If youre paranoid about fading, use sunscreen liek its going out of style, i personnaly only use it when i do the rest of me. Good luck!


When that thing starts to itch (if it hasn't already) slap it, instead of scratching it. If you scratch off any of the scab it will affect the healed product.

Speaking of healing, I would be pretty wary of a shop that had you walk out of their doors with an open wound...cleanliness, or lack there of comes to mind.


First of all, it's not cliched. That's a great tattoo with a good meaning, I like it man.

And second, the first guy to reply was dead on. A+D ointment 2-3 times a day, keep it out of the sun, and don't pick the scab.

Third, give it two months until you want another one. Fucking addicting they are.

Good luck man!!


Omega Omega?

Just wondering b/c the only people I know that get brands are in the Black Frat. Hardcore none the less man.


Haha spend time and pick out a good second tat my man!!

Lol i know after my first I wanted to jump and get another one right away!

I like it man, good work!


Actually using petroleum based antibiotics isn't really wise, especially for black work, as it tends to aid in bringing the ink to the surface. If you must or are worried about infection apply such a light coat as to only cover the tattoo, if it looks wet it is too much. A more practical approach is using light amounts of cocoa butter to keep the wound flexible and to avoid scabbing.

You can remain active just be mindful of the work. If you develop large scabs keep movement down as to not break the scabs. Remember that tattoo even though it may look healed takes months to heal properly up to 6, so take care of it the first time it will mean less touch up in the future.


You got a closer shot of it?


So I should be able to start lifting pretty soon?