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Tattoo Help

Hey I’m betting that a bunch of you guys have tattoos so I figured this might be a good place to ask a couple questions. Anyway, what I wanted to ask is what is the best way to go about getting a custom, complex, and likely very expensive tattoo designed.

I’ve done some research google style and haven’t really been coming up with the answers I’m looking for. It would be to memorialize my dad and my little brother who died a couple of years back.

Finally I have the money saved that I figure I’ll need but needless to say I’m not really going to try to be thrifty with this tattoo. I’ve already had another one done so I don’t need advice on like cleanliness or any of that stuff.

I would focus on finding a reputable artist whose work you like and discuss what you want with them. If they are any good, they will work out all the details and put something on paper. If you do not like it, ask them to rework it or thank them for their time and find a new artist.

I would focus on reading VanderLaan’s post and doing that.

Find a tattoo convention in your area. Attend and walk around until you find an artist whose style you like. Introduce yourself, talk to them about what you want to do. Make an appointment to meet them in their studio sometime after the convention.

They will likely be happy to work with you developing the idea for the artwork. Most artists I’ve met prefer doing original work to “flash” or tribal. Expect to pay for the inking by the hour. Paying $125/hour is not unreasonable.

Loose, yours looks pretty bad ass if thats you in your avatar. Anyway thats a great idea that I hadn’t thought of. I paid by the hour for my last one but less. It was just a banner though and I’m not trusting that guy on something like the one want I want to get.

I would certainly pay $125 an hour, but thanks for the number cause that gives me some idea what I should looking for.

I second (third) the recs to find an artist and get him involved. These guys do this stuff for a living and some of them truly are artists, not just guys who draw shit on people.

Go to a store and look through their books (every decent artist will have a book with pictures of the work they’ve done) and talk to them and get a feel for somebody you’ll want to work with.

Agreed with LT that if you get them involved and interested in a project that seems meaningful to them, they will put a lot more effort and soul into it then drawing another butterfly on some skank’s lower back.