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Neelydan needs as awesome a shipwreck tattoo as possible. The bigger the native image the better.

Anyone able to provide such a beast?


what kind of ship?

USS Arizona @Pearl Harbor


Do you have a good artist?


most famous ship wreck of all time!



Don't have a pic but know a guy who has a tat on his forearm of a cruise ship being eaten by a giant pre-historic shark with a banner underneath reading "good times". It's pretty awesome.


sick tat idea

can we get the backstrory?



I think it's an anchor.


jesus that's perfect man

and yeah, the best in my opinion


in high level terms (read: i bored you all with the details long, long ago) it is to imply a rough path, but making it to shore - metaphorically speaking


You should get a tattoo of an anteater instead,that would be much cooler than this lameass pirate shit...


Man, I'd go with that ant eater avatar. If that is not an illustration of an axiomatic statement of existence, then I don't know what is.



tat by Sailor Jerry


Here'e ya a real shipwreck picture


Just out of curiosity.. who?


Wicked concept..

..but any great tattoo artist would be able to draw a tattoo for you that is exactly what you want... I would recommend you compile as many images you can have contain pieces that depict what your overall design is that you have in mind.. and consult with the artist. I did that with the life portrait I have on my back, I gave my guy about a dozen images that showed detail, pose, lines.. everything about it and I have the most amazing tattoo I could ask for..4 years in the making and very, very happy.


Let's get a pic of that por favor.




haha. fuckin classic. IF it were free I would get that tattooed on my back or something.


My vote is for the one with the Octopussy. ^^


Here you go... Oh, wait, did you say shipwreck or trainwreck?