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Tattoo Cost?


I know that the cost of getting a tattoo is highly variable. The cost depends on size, location, detail, etc. However, I am curious to know a ballpark cost for getting my first tattoo. I plan to get an all black tattoo on the inside of my upper arm. It would be about 3-4 inches square. The image I am planning to get is below.

Could anyone provide a rough estimate of what I might expect? Also, if anyone knows any good artists in Kansas City I would appreciate the referral.



If I were doing the job Iwould do it for 80,if it was at my house. 120 at a shop.

That isnt very detailed and it isnt big either so it shouldnt cost much.


Thanks, that helps. I wasn't expecting the cost to be too much.


Yeah I would say about $100, probably 2 hours max.


Normal is $100 an hour.


Expect 750$ minimum. Send me whatever you save off of that.


How old are you OP? Why doyou want that symbol?


I'm 31. I found the symbol a long time ago and liked it. It is a West African symbol that means strength with humility. It just goes along with how I want and try to live my life. I want to be strong without being boastful. It goes with doing your best and doing great things, but you still respect the processes and others.


Be careful on symbols, just my advice.


Funny pic but good advice.

Are you west african OP? Why a west African tattoo? I'm just curious.. If you really love it and know that you'll want to have that permanently on your skin in 30+ years when your a grandpa then go get it.

I don't have any tattoos, FTR, but I really like well done tattoos and appreciate the art.


Funny. I've done some research and it all comes up with the same thing.


I have a lot of ink, and some friends that are actually tattoo artists. They dispelled a lot of things that I used to think was cool.

Inside of your arms, do you have big arms? Legit question cause the size of the art will matter about pricing.



I appreciate the advice. I've gone back and forth about wanting a tattoo over the years. I really like the design and the meaning I have associated with it. Also, my wife likes the tattoo and the location. As silly as it sounds, I actually cut out the design and taped it to my arm to give me a sense of what it would look like.


You picked a painful spot to have your first tattoo. It's the third most painful spot on the arm behind inside of wrist and opposite side of elbow. Like other said, should cost around $100.


Shits gonna hurt - REAL BAD.

Why under the arm? If you don't want anyone to see it, why get it?


X 2

I have a phoenix on my right shoulder/upper chest/back and one of the claws goes down on my inner arm and that shit hurt like MUTHERFUCKER! LOL


To answer your questions.

I just think that it would look good on the inside of my arm. My wife and I both like the look of the tattoo there. I'm not getting the tattoo for other people, I am getting it for myself. I don't usually care what just anyone else thinks, only a few people in my life.


it will hurt like fuck. And should cost 50 - 100 bucks.


Tattoos are dumb...only dumb people get them, take me for example :slight_smile: